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Noteflight Launches the First Online Music Notation Editor

United States
Company Enables a New Era of Sharing and Content Creation for Musicians, Composers and Educators

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., October 06, 2008 — Noteflight, LLC officially launched its new online music software today, dramatically changing the way musicians create, edit and share musical compositions. Noteflight is a Web-based application requiring no software installation that enables anyone with a standard Web browser to create a score using standard music notation. The score can be played directly from the browser, shared with individuals, published online or printed as sheet music for use by live musicians. Scores may also be embedded in other pages such as blogs or personal websites.

Now available as a free public beta release, Noteflight is the first online application to fully support the editing, layout, rendering, playback and printing of conventional music notation. With its Web-centric approach and easy-to-use, rich user interface, Noteflight takes a fresh approach to notated music while providing the features that musicians and composers need in order to create and arrange real music.

Professional or amateur musicians and composers can use Noteflight as a powerful tool for creating and sharing musical documents over the Internet with unprecedented simplicity and directness. In addition, Noteflight provides the perfect platform for music educators to deliver entirely new kinds of course and lesson material. Interactive scores can be seamlessly woven together with text, audio and video, and Noteflight’s online score management and versioning makes managing musical assignments simple.

Dr. Ingrid Monson, Quincy Jones Professor of African-American Music at Harvard University, is using Noteflight for an online music tutorial within her core course in Jazz History. “Noteflight is a godsend to anyone teaching music,” says Professor Monson. “It’s very easy to use, and saves so many error-prone steps compared to putting music online with other notation editors. To me, the most valuable feature is that whenever I revise one of my scores on Noteflight, the music in my tutorial Web pages changes instantly without my having to do anything else.”

Joe Berkovitz, founder of Noteflight, says, “Making music is not a solitary pursuit -- nearly everyone who works with music eventually wants to share it. As both software creators and musicians, our team knows how painful it is to share notated music online today. That’s because most musical applications treat the Internet as an afterthought: they’re geared to saving your music on your hard disk, not to sharing your music with other people. We saw that our vision of creating, hearing and sharing high-quality music notation on the Web could finally be realized with technology that’s already installed on everyone’s computer -- and that’s exactly what we did.”

Noteflight takes many innovative approaches to music notation and playback, and to the challenge of framing these features in a simple and accessible way. Adobe Systems technology plays a key role in Noteflight, as the application takes advantage of the extensive audio and visual capabilities of Adobe Flash Player™.
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