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BBE Sound Inc Introduces VG360 Sonic Maximizer

United States
2 April 2008 — BBE Sound has introduced the company’s new VG360 Sonic Maximizer. Utilising the same technology employed by Sonic Maximizers found in top recording studios, the unit can be hooked up to video game consoles for more realistic sound quality. Also ideal for hooking up to DVD and CD players, the VG360 is compatible with cable TV and satellite services. In addition, it will also dramatically improve the sound quality of MP3 and other compressed audio files. Audible benefits are percussive music and movie sound effects becoming clearer without causing fatigue, while low frequencies are rendered harmonically rich and can be thunderous when desired, without losing their character. Controls for the BBE VG360, which carries a 5 year warranty, include Lo Contour, Process and function switches.

Ludwig/Musser Division Makes Organizational Changes
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Ludwig/Musser Division Makes Organizational Changes

2 April 2008 — Conn-Selmer Inc. has made internal organization changes which will significantly enhance the presence of Ludwig/Musser in the percussion instrument marketplace. This newly formed team lead by the general manager, Grant Henry …

Parker Guitars Introduces Two New Guitars and a New Bass
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Parker Guitars Introduces Two New Guitars and a New Bass

Chicago, 2 April, 2008. Parker Guitars is pleased to announce the addition of two new guitars and a bass to the Parker family. The PM24V delivers the quality and tone you expect from our PM20 with the added benefit of the Parker Vibrato wi …

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