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TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone Harmony-M Now Shipping Worldwide

United States
Risskov, Denmark , 1 July 2008 – TC-Helicon is now shipping VoiceTone Harmony-M, the new vocal harmony and effects pedals designed specifically for the performing MIDI-keyboard player. VoiceTone Harmony-M enables singing keyboard players to add backup harmony singers to their performances using the NaturalPlay™ algorithm, which deciphers real-time key and chord information from simple and complex player styles. The NaturalPlay™ algorithm and the intelligent vocal harmony voices it controls were “trained” by experienced singing keyboard players and inspired amateurs, so it competently handles everything from bass inversions, changing playing styles and even the most common fingering mistakes players occasionally make. In addition to harmony generation, Harmony-M can also automatically apply adaptive EQ, compression and de-essing algorithms. The keyboard player can focus on playing while VoiceTone Harmony-M produces a fully-produced vocal sound using dedicated doubling and reverb/delay combinations. VoiceTone Harmony-G suggested retail price of $395.

VoiceTone Harmony-M’s adaptive harmony arrangement algorithms work with Standard MIDI Files (SMF) that have a harmony track authored within the file to produce realistic harmonies without pre-programming. The straightforward controls enable keyboard players to go further and arrange voicing and effects changes in their songs by stepping through ten presets with A/B settings as they perform. The pedal includes classic “notes” and “chord” harmony control modes, and features ¼” TRS mic level I/O as well as input for optional footswitch so Harmony-M can be placed on the keyboard for easy access. A tone switch engages the adaptive live engineer effects and dynamically polishes vocal tone.

The two-voice 4th generation intelligent harmony allows for natural back-up vocals, and a unique bass setting instructs a harmony voice to follow the chord root. Additionally, a separate double effect uses the widely respected TC-Helicon overdub algorithm to produce a thick sound typically reserved for studio recordings. Topping an already packed feature list, the new VoiceTone Harmony-M pedal sports a studio quality mic preamp with phantom power, solid metal construction and fastidiously detailed audio design from input to output.

The VoiceTone family of vocal effects pedals also includes the new VoiceTone Harmony-G, a guitar-controlled harmony pedal for singing guitarists, and three effects pedals dedicated for singers; VoiceTone Create multi-effects pedal, VoiceTone Correct pitch correction and adaptive EQ/dynamics processor, and the new VoiceTone Double live-overdubbing-in-a-pedal. With VoiceTone Harmony-M the range is augmented for performing keyboard players looking for effortless and professional vocal harmony and effects.

About TC-Helicon:

TC-Helicon is focused on the mission to revolutionize the vocal channel by providing innovative tools and solutions for performing and recording artists and audio professionals who create and work with the speak­ing and singing voice. Customers include the most demanding of live performers, studios, producers, broad­casters, game developers and recording engineers.

The range of products spans from high-end 2nd generation human voice modeling and maximized speech intelligibility aimed at studio applications, to affordable harmony processors with real-time pitch correction for live use. Additionally, TC-Helicon supplies plug-ins for the PowerCore and Pro Tools platforms enabling renowned harmo­ny and voice modeling processing in DAWs.
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