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Hand Engraved Snares For The Rest Of Us [Summer NAMM 2008]

United States
Special Tama Metalworks Snare Drums Limited to Just 120pcs.

2 Jul 2008 — Hand-engraved snare drums have traditionally been the playthings of the more well-heeled among us in the drum fraternity, Tama has decided that even the financially poorer pounders deserve something a little beyond the basics. So among a goodly number of other limited edition and limited production offerings at the Tama NAMM booth in Nashville were two of their Metalwork snare drums with striking hand-engraved designs.

Commented Terry Bissette of Tama, “Tama has always been known for making high-end products more affordable, starting with the very first affordable lacquer finished drums and now we have these limited edition Metalworks snare drums. These great sounding snares are hand-engraved by the most skilled craftspeople, one at a time, piece by piece. More than ever, people want to have something unique, and we feel unique products shouldn’t be limited only to the high-end.”

Two models of hand-engraved Metalworks snare drums are available, 6.5 x 13” and 5.5 x 14”. Both feature hand-engraved 1.2mm steel shells finished in Brushed Black Nickel plate. For more power and projection both drums feature Evans Power Center Reverse Dot heads. The hoops are 1.6mm triple flanged. A specially designed plush carry bag featuring a design similar to the drum engraving is included.

The ST1365EBNP 6.5 x 13” snare drum lists for $434.99 and is limited to just 70pcs.

The ST1455EPNP 5.5 x 14” snare drum lists for $484.99 and is limited to just 50pcs. Both are for the United States market only.

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