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Ibanez Limited Production Bass [Summer NAMM 2008]

United States
Burl Poplar BTB Pro Bass Gets Piezos To Boot

2 Jul 2008 — Among an impressive selection of limited edition and production instruments at the Ibanez booth, perhaps the most impressive is the new BTB780PB.

In looks alone, this model is a show stealer with a highly figured poplar burl top gracing its muscular mahogany body. But it’s what’s under the hood that counts for pro bassists, and here the BTB does not disappoint. Not only does the BTB feature the custom Bartolini pickups that enhance all the pro BTB’s big bass specs, this one goes a step further into tonal versatility with the addition of a piezo pickup located in the individually isolated Mono-Rail bridge (Ibanez fans will recognize this bridge from the company’s futuristic EDA synthetic-bodied bass of years past).

As with all the pro-BTB’s, the BTB780PB features neck-thru construction for greater sustain, stability and superior upper-fret access. The neck scale is an extra-long 35” inches (as opposed to the standard 34”) for clear note articulation even in the lower ranges.

The limited production BTB780 is finished in Charcoal Brown and has a list price of $1199.99

Background information: the name “BTB” comes from the name of its original project name in the late ‘90s, the “Boutique Bass Project,” which aimed to replicate the qualities of the best small shop instruments in a price range more affordable to the average working musician.

  • Model - BTB780PBCN
  • List - $1199.99
  • Available Finish - CN Charcoal Brown
  • Body Material - Mahogany body/ Poplar Burl top
  • Neck Material - 5pc Maple
  • Neck Type/Scale - BTB4 thru-neck/35”
  • No. Frets/Type - 24/Medium
  • Fingerboard - Rosewood
  • Bridge - Mono-Rail II with Piezo
  • H/W Color - Cosmo Black
  • Neck Pickup - Bartolini
  • Bridge Pickup - Bartolini
  • EQ - EQA-PZ4 piezo/magnetic pu active controller
  • Case - ATK1000C
  • List - $169.99

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