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Power And Glory! Tama’s 2008 Exotix Limited Edition Kit Steels Show [Winter NAMM 2008]

United States
Anaheim, CA, 14 Jan 2008 — Since the 2002 Winter NAMM, Tama has drawn drum connoisseurs to its booth with once-a-year limited edition “Exotix” kits featuring unique combinations of woods and bearing dramatic names like “Midnight Storm,” “Red Viking” and “Hawaiian Thunder.” This year’s release is easily the most dramatic and exotic of all: no wood whatsoever. Instead, the Warlord Exotix Spartan exemplifies its very martial name with powerful shells of stainless steel fitted with Tama’s signature Warlord Collection lugs, each inlaid with a Swarovski crystal.

Only 50 sets will be available worldwide, with just 20 kits slated for the U.S.A. Each kit comes with a Tama certificate of authenticity.

“This may be the most important and different drum set in Tama history,” commented Tomo Yoshinaga of Tama. “Like our Spartan stainless steel snare drum, the Spartan limited edition drum kit shells feature Resonant Sound Edges which are rolled into the edge to form an air chamber. In the Spartan snare drum, that results in a shell capable of hi-tech, modern tones as well as the tonal characteristics of the most revered vintage drums. But in the complete Spartan entire kit, and especially the bass drum, you get absolutely incredible lows and the ability to achieve volume far beyond that of even the best wood-shelled sets. The Exotix Warlord Spartan is unlike any other drum in the world today.”

As with the previous Exotix offerings, the Spartan kit is offered exclusively in a 7pc configuration. The list prices are $14,149.99 for the kit with stands, $13,149.99 for the shell kit (drums only).


To achieve the maximum resonance, the drums feature different thicknesses according to their size: the 8” – 14” drums are 1mm in thickness, the 16” floor tom is 1.2mm thick, and the 22” bass drum is 1.5mm. During experimentation, Tama discovered that a non-traditionally sized 7 x 14” snare drum produced the best sonic results.

Set configuration:

  • 18 x 22” BD
  • 7 x 8” TT
  • 8 x 10” TT
  • 9 x 12” TT
  • 12 x 14” TT
  • 14 x 16” FT
  • 7 x 14” SD

Drum Heads:

TT - Evans Genera G2 Clear batter/ G1 Clear bottom. BD - TAMA Black Front Head (special designed) - Evans Genera EQ4 Clear batter. SD - Evans Genera G1 Coated batter / Resonant 300 snare side

Set with stands includes:

  • HH906 Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat
  • HS700W Roadpro Omni-Ball Snare Stand
  • HC73BW Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand
  • HC72W Roadpro Straight Cymbal Stand
  • HTW79W (2) Roadpro Double Tom Stands
  • HTC77 Roadpro Combination Stand
  • HP900P Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedal

All Tama Exotix Limited Edition 7pc kits include a Certificate of Authenticity indicating the number of sets made and the serial number of the bass drum. The Certificate is signed by Mr. Taka Hoshino, General Products Manager, of the Tama Factory.
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