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Tama Debuts Starclassic Bubinga Cordia [Winter NAMM 2008]

United States
New High-End Pro Kit Combines Two Tama Firsts

Anaheim, CA, 14 Jan 2008 — Tama was first major drum maker to craft all-bubinga drum sets. The rich- grained but difficult-to-work-with wood had previously seen use only as an attractive drum veneer. While other drum makers followed somewhat later with their own bubinga kits, Tama continues to be the number one and best-known maker of bubinga drums with their Starclassic Bubinga Series and Bubinga Omni-Tune Series.

Tama was also the first drum maker to utilize cordia in the first Artstar kits in 1983, and drum aficionados have long asked for a return of this beautifully-grained wood.

Now, Tama has combined its two firsts with the Starclassic Bubinga Cordia series, which get its official debut at the 2008 Anaheim NAMM Show.

Commented Tama’s Terry Bissette on the latest addition to its professional Starclassic lines, “This is an absolutely perfect combination of woods. Bubinga is one of the richest sounding, warmest, and most versatile tonewoods ever utilized in drum making, and cordia is, hands-down, one of the finest looking drum woods. To feature these two Tama landmark materials in one drum was a brilliant idea.”

A particularly attractive feature is fiscal: the new Starclassic Bubinga Cordia will be the same price as the Starclassic Bubinga Series drums that feature a premium maple outer-ply.


  • Shells: 8 inner-plies of bubinga with 1 outer-ply of cordia (natural finish)
  • TT/FT: 7mm
  • SD/BD: 8mm

  • Choice of Chrome-plated, Black Nickel-plated (pictured) shell hardware or Brushed Nickel-plated
  • Die-cast hoops
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Over 60 individual drum sizes including Hyper-Drive toms, Gong Bass Drum, 20 x 22” Ultra-Deep bass drum and 6 x 13” snare drum.

Pricing of Drums Pictured in Kit

  • BB2220BN NCD - 20 x 22” Bass Drum - $2130.00
  • BT1065BN NCD - 6.5 x 10” Tom Tom - $680.00
  • BT127BN NCD - 7 x 12” Tom Tom - $770.00
  • BF1412BN NCD - 12 x 14” Floor Tom - $1030.00
  • BF1614BN NCD - 14 x16” Floor Tom - $1135.00
  • BS126BN NCD - 6 x 13” Snare Drum - $660.00
  • BG20R NCD - 14 x 20” Gong Bass - $1450.00

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