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New Software Versions for AXON AX 50 USB and AX 100 MKII [Winter NAMM 2008]

United States
10 January 2008 — TerraTec AXON Technologies has now successfully established two products on the market with the AX 50 USB and AX 100 MKII. Both have the patented early transient recognition system, with which they set new standards in terms of speed and accuracy in guitar-to-MIDI technology.

But even the best products still have room for improvements! That’s why the AXON specialists at Nettetal are now supplying a new version of the firmware and the editor, offering significant advantages to the user. This firmware can be downloaded as of 17th January free of charge from the Terratec/Axon website.

The most important new functions:

The AXON products now provide “layers” within a play area. These can be used, for example, to activate up to four synthesizers simultaneously with different program change commands and controller data, creating entire “sound walls” through a single tone that is struck.

The integrated sequencer in the AX 100 MKII is now equipped with a Panorama controller, which means it can be positioned in the room independently of the remaining audio signals.

As the AXON models allow up to 8 presets to be programmed for a particular instrument in action, not only the integrated tuner but also the selected instrument preset including type and pickup are displayed – providing a better overview and always maintaining control.

The new Dynamic Control and Aftertouch function for string instruments now supports the option of increasing the volume of the sound by using a bow. This opens up a multitude of new possibilities when it comes to expression and playing sensation.


  • Up to four layers in one play area
  • Panorama controller in the sequencer (AXON AX 100 MKII)
  • Displaying selected guitar preset incl. pickup type (AXON AX 100 MKII)
  • Dynamic Control / Aftertouch for string instruments

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