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“G12 EVH” Edward Van Halen Signature Guitar Speaker Now Available To Buy [Winter NAMM 2008]

United States
18 January 2008 — Edward Van Halen’s EVH 5150III amplifier delivers ultimate Van Halen tone through 4x12 cabinets loaded with Celestion “G12 EVH” speakers. Now those speakers are available to buy worldwide through Celestion’s distribution network.

Edward Van Halen is a true guitar legend and has motivated countless aspiring players to pick up a guitar for the first time. In recognition of that fact, Celestion has made these very special G12EVH signature guitar speakers–originally produced exclusively for the EVH 5150III cabinets–available to buy through our network of retailers.

Throughout his career, EVH has sought out original Celestion 20-watt “Greenback” speakers to load into his recording and performing rigs. They have been part of his sound from day one. So, when designing his signature amp, the EVH 5150III it was to Celestion that he turned, looking for that vintage Greenback sound.

Celestion’s Heritage Series G12M speakers are a faithful reproduction of the original 1960s 20-watt Greenback and for EVH they provided the ideal solution. They delivered the tone he was chasing.

But the story didn’t end there. For such a special project, Celestion wanted to give this speaker a look that was unmistakably EVH–to turn it from a Heritage Series G12M into a “G12 EVH”.

In order to do this, we produced a black rear can–a standard rear can is green– evoking the memory of the rare and much sought after Celestion “Blackback” speakers.

Then, to give this speaker the signature look it deserves, we added a specially designed label, featuring the Van Halen logo and unique EVH striped design.
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