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Adamson Metrix Series [Musikmesse 2008]

United States
TORONTO, ONTARIO – February 15, 2008 — Adamson Systems Engineering proudly introduces the ultra compact Metrix line array series for the mainland European market at Frankfurt’s Prolight +Sound show. The series, which were first revealed in Europe at last year’s PLASA show in London, has some new elements for increased versatility.

The Metrix series is available in a touring (Metrix-t) and in installation (Metrix-i) versions. The Metrix-i system introduces the EIR™ ‘Enclosed Installation Rigging’ system, which is a semi-permanent solution designed for strictly contractor and permanent installation customers. The brand new double 15”convertible cardioid Metrix Sub-i offers a standard built-in pole mount socket, but no other rigging hardware for applications requiring ground stacking only. The guts of the sub-i are identical to the Metrix Sub-t (which also features the new the pole mount socket, in addition to the full AIR™ system).

Two ND15-S Kevlar Neodymium drivers are vented similarly to the powerful SD-21, where the basket design uses “fins” as a cooling technique. Its brand new surround design coupled with Adamson’s Advanced Architecture™ multilayer Kevlar cone result in a stiffer cone and extraordinary performance. The cabinet’s ports, which are tuned for extreme low frequency and the manifold loaded ND15-S drivers, collectively encourage the most output for a sub in its category.

The Metrix Series new accessories include the Metrix Wave pole mount plates designed to accept a single or a pair of Wave enclosures equipped with the AIR™ Rigging System, the regular and extended Metrix stacking plates which permit up to 13 degrees negative angles, and the Metrix Symmetrical adapter plates for flying L and R arrays with mirrored waveguides for perfect symmetry. The Metrix Sub-t offers flexibility beyond its small size and concentrated power with the Metrix frame link adapter for flying subs behind the main array when working with limited trim heights, and by using the Metrix Install adapter plates, which facilitate flying the Metrix Sub-t with the Metrix-i enclosures.

Adamson’s Metrix Multi-Purpose Line Source Series was designed for small to medium permanent installations, for use as the main system in smaller touring applications, and is a solid option for large format touring as a front fill, lip fill or out fill array. The ultra compact enclosures feature a 5° vertical pattern (Metrix), and a 15° vertical pattern (Metrix WAVE), by 120° horizontal pattern. The newly designed Adamson ND8-ML 8.5” Kevlar neodymium mid-low frequency driver is optimized for the 2-way enclosure, and is paired with a 1.4” HF (3 inch diaphragm) compression driver, mounted on Adamson’s patented HF wave-shaping chamber.

The superbly adaptable Metrix Series is complete with optional lightweight aluminum (-t ) or steel (-i) rigging frames, custom flight cases for the t-series, and wooden dollies as well as waterproof soft covers for the subwoofer.

Come get acquainted with the ultra compact Metrix Series at the Adamson Booth Hall 8.0 Booth F21.
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