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KUDO Builds Into Ovation At Green Valley Ranch Resort

United States
HENDERSON, Nevada - 8 May 2008 — Despite its relatively intimate size, the new Ovation Lounge music club at Green Valley Ranch Resort in the greater Las Vegas area has been steadily hosting a wide variety of popular artists -- including Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, Blues Traveler, Collective Soul, Flynnville Train, Grand Funk Railroad, Kool & The Gang, Rick Springfield, and Stanley Clarke--all of whom have been wowed by the venue’s impressive L-ACOUSTICS KUDO loudspeaker system.

The showroom, which accommodates just over 500 patrons in assigned seating and VIP booths arrayed in a 90-degree arc around a corner performance area, features a fairly low ceiling, which initially presented an acoustical challenge. In response, Phoenix-based AVDB (Audio Video Design Build) Group supplied and installed a FOH loudspeaker setup comprised of numerous L-ACOUSTICS KUDO enclosures arrayed horizontally above the front of the stage, both blending in with the sophisticated environment and delivering high-quality live sound reinforcement and music playback.

"Ovation Lounge is an asymmetrical room that requires different horizontal coverage on the sides," offers AVDB Group CEO Scott Oosthuizen. "The room also needs the kind of SPL that is only available from an active three-way system like these powerful KUDO line-array cabinets." Because of the lounge’s relatively low ceiling height, sight lines are of key importance. "Usually, that rules out the use of line array, which typically requires a high ceiling and, as a result of the vertical hang, can impede the sight lines. And line arrays traditionally produce a symmetrical, horizontal coverage pattern."

While L-ACOUSTICS KUDO line source systems are most often seen in a vertical line configuration, the innovative cabinet design can also accommodate horizontal orientation. "And since the horizontal coverage is dependent on the number of enclosures," Oosthuizen considers, "the asymmetry was handled by simply adding more enclosures to the wide side."

The Ovation Lounge installation comprises an eight-cabinet KUDO center array flanked by a pair of six-box KUDO arrays; all enclosures are arranged horizontally using L-ACOUSTICS KLIFT rigging bumpers. Each quad-amplified, three-way KUDO enclosure houses a pair of 12-inch LF drivers, for exceptional low-frequency response, as well as four five-inch MF drivers and a pair of 1.75-inch DOSC HF compression drivers.

On-stage monitors include 14 L-ACOUSTICS 115XT HiQ two-way coaxial enclosures and a pair of L-ACOUSTICS dV-SUB compact subwoofers.

"The installation was on a very tight timeline," Oosthuizen recalls. "We really needed between three and four months for the projects--there was a lot of audio and video equipment that needed to be rigged and interconnected--but we only had two months. But with help from L-ACOUSTICS’ SOUNDVISION software, we were able to pre-configure the system before delivery and then quickly fine tune the KUDO cabinets within the Ovation Lounge. The left-center-right horizontal configuration worked out very well. It’s a great sounding club with powerful, even sound coverage."
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