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Kahler Confirms Association with Guerilla Uprising

United States
February 19, 2008 – Classified information has surfaced regarding the revolutionary weapon of choice for Guerilla Guitar’s brand new M8 Series. This new line of electric guitars features the Kahler 2218 eight string tremolo bridge as part of its ravaging arsenal.

The Kahler 2218 eight string tremolo bridge system is a stud mount design allowing for ultimate flexibility in guerilla warfare tactics. The bridge features fully adjustable saddle sets allowing for deadly accurate intonation, side to side adjustment for evasive finger navigation and up/down movement for those surface to air assaults on the fretboard. In additional, the bridge can work fully open providing an array of rapid fire dive bombs and wickedly high frequency squeals…or apply its choke hold and lock it down for stealth double stops and string bends. The Kahler 2218 is available in chrome, black krome and black nickel and gold. Retail is $419.00 USD and available directly from the Kahler website.

Although a specific location is not available, Guerilla Guitars has created an insurgence of their own, slowly taking over essential territories throughout the Canadian landscape. Retail stores throughout Ontario and Quebec have experienced an increased awareness and the propaganda continues to escalate.
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