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Hans Hoyer presents its new Descant Horn RT 91 [Musikmesse 2008]

United States
7 March 2008 — For nearly two years JA Musik GmbH with its Hans Hoyer French horns worked at a completely new developed Bb/high-F Descant horn.

Rick Todd, Principal French horn of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra is the one to make the suggestion for this instrument. The LA specific horn sound, also influenced by Rick Todd’s teacher Vincent De Rosa for more than five decades, is most important for this famous soloist.

For Rick Todd, who plays most of his jazz recordings with a Bb/high-f Descant Horn, the variability of the instrument is most important. Thanks to Rick’s co-operation, Hans Hoyer managed to design an instrument that is capable to play homogeneously throughout its entire register.

This Horn is made of thin brass/gold brass material and guarantees a secure response especially in the high range. The bell is designed in German size and completely made of one piece sheet metal. The famous German rotary valves are equipped with the 3B (Bronze Ball Bearing) linkage system or alternatively with string mechanism.

In the house of Vincent De Rosa in Los Angeles, every year in January a big horn-meeting takes place. On this occasion Hans Hoyer launched the new Descant Horn. Under palm trees, Rick Todd approved the Hans Hoyer RT 91/92 and we took it directly from there to the Frankfurter Musikmesse.

Meister Hans Hoyer Double Horn Bb/high-F Model RT91

  • bore: .469
  • bell diameter: Ø12.205“
  • 5 rotary valves
  • A-muting valve
  • 3B- linkage system
  • extreme short lead pipe
  • lacquered
  • options: detachable bell

Meister Hans Hoyer Double Horn Bb/high-f RT92

  • same model as RT91
  • string mechanism

B&S expands high quality student line [Musikmesse 2008]
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Melton / Meinl Weston and NY Phil’s Alan Bear create the new F-Tuba 6460 „Kodiak“ [Musikmesse 2008]
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Melton / Meinl Weston and NY Phil’s Alan Bear create the new F-Tuba 6460 „Kodiak“ [Musikmesse 2008]

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