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Audix Debuts CX212 Multi-Pattern Condenser

United States
The complete recording solution

Toronto, Canada, February 15th, 2008 — The CX212 is the latest addition to the Audix line-up of large diaphragm condenser microphones. Equipped with a choice of cardioids, omni, and figure-8 patterns, the CX212 is a multi-functional microphone that can be utilized for a wide variety of recording applications. At the heart of the CX212 is a dual 1.07 inch diaphragm, custom tensioned to provide exceptionally consistent and accurate results every time.

With a wide band frequency response from 30 Hz – 20 kHz, the CX212 is ideally suited to capture the nuances of acoustic instruments, voices, sound effects, or room ambience. The addition of a bass roll-off filter provides the additional ability to control unwanted ultra-low frequencies at the source of the capsule, where it is most effective.

The CX212 is characterized with an open mesh grill which, in addition to providing protection to the capsule, helps to minimize reflections and refractions of incoming signals. A heavy duty isolation shockmount system is included, allowing the CX212 to be used securely in any position and be free of shock and vibration.

Audix VP of Sales, Cliff Castle states, “The CX212 is a natural outgrowth from one of our current microphones that has become very popular - the CX112. During the past year while this CX212 was in the development stages, we had the big advantage of working with the CX212 in our own recording studio at Audix. We found the Omni pattern particularly useful for vocals, both lead and ensemble. The CX212 provides a rich, full-bodied and natural sound and we ended up using the omni position much more than we imagined we would, and it is easy to understand why many recording engineers get their signature sound from using omni-directional microphones. Being intimately familiar with the performance of the CX212, we are confident that artists and engineers are going to love this mic!

The Figure-8 (bi-directional) pattern is a very useful feature in that it is comparable to getting two microphones in a single source. In the Figure-8 mode, for example, CX212 may be utilized to mic a string section in an orchestra or as an “area” mic on a stage, or to simply get a different perspective for a recording. With two CX212 microphones, one can use any number of stereo recording techniques, including MS (mid-side) which requires one of the patterns to be Figure 8.

The CX212 is available from authorized Audix dealers at a suggested retail price of $599, or in matched pairs for $1349. Included are shock mount, carrying pouch, and one-year warranty.
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