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Orange celebrates 40 years with 40th Anniversary Custom Shop 50 & 40th Anniversary OR50

United States
6 February 2008 — To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Orange amplification, the company are launching two limited edition guitar amps with more than a nod to the legendary early 70’s Graphic amp often referred to as the “Pics Only”. This extremely rare and highly sought after amp was the first milestone product in the companies legendary history and the first ever amp made under the Orange only name.

Orange amps have used all their knowledge and experience to build these special anniversary Custom Shop and production model amps. The Custom Shop model will have 40 different individually hand made circuits, each uniquely engineered and built to the highest specifications.

Each amp will be point-to-point hand-wired fitted with a Plexi-Glass front panel, and built in our Custom Shop. Rather than a serial number every model will instead have a different girls name and come with it’s own certificate and circuit documentation to create 40 distinctive and highly sort after amps. These are set to become truly rare and valuable collectors pieces.

The production model will be a 40th Anniversary OR50. As with the Custom Shop model amp it will have a Plexi-Glass Front Panel, single channel and feature our Unique Patent applied eight section output transformers. The tone is something very special indeed ; The new model features a unique and updated version of the HF Drive control first seen on the original Pics Only. The control adds a chime like character not heard on any other Orange amp whilst retaining everything you still expect to hear from Orange. It also includes a foot-switchable Master Volume allowing the amp to turn into a true ‘vintage’ machine.

Representing the pinnacle of Orange valve technology these will be truly special amps, marking the 40th anniversary of the company and a testament to creating amps with unsurpassed tone, world class quality and superb construction.
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