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P-Rails: Humbucker that Splits to a P-90

United States
Santa Barbara, California, Tuesday, January 22, 2008 — Some would argue that guitarists are a greedy bunch. They want it all. And they want it now. Two of the things they want are the full and rich sound of a humbucker and the fat and clear tone of a vintage P-90. Five decades after the creation of Seth Lover’s classic design, the humbucker pickup still reigns. It’s the loud and proud sound of rock ‘n roll from Zeppelin to black metal. And guitarists love the sound of the venerable P-90 single coil. Predecessor to the humbucker, the P-90 is the archetypal fat single coil that gave rise to the tones that birthed jazz, blues, rockabilly, and classic rock.

Until now, if a guitarist wanted both tones, either they would have to install both a humbucker and a P-90 in different positions in the same guitar; or they’d have to haul two guitars to the gig. Enter P-Rails™, Seymour Duncan’s newest pickup. It’s a full-size humbucker that splits to a full-size P-90; and P-Rails are available in both neck and bridge-calibrated positions.

In a guitar setup for two humbuckers, a pair of P-Rails will give even the greediest guitarist the best of both humbucker and P-90 worlds. A single two-way switch (push-pull or mini-toggle) allows the player to switch between both full-size humbucker and P-90 sounds.

But the greediest guitarists would not be content with merely two great and as-yet unachievable tones in the same guitar. No… the greediest guitarists would also want the unmistakable chime and “cluck” of the legendary Stratocaster® as well. For them, P-Rails delivers, thanks to its Alnico-powered rail pickup. A three-way switch (DPDT on-off-on) brings in the added dimension of an authentic-sounding vintage Strat®. And, when both the neck and bridge rails are used together, the tone is reminiscent of the “2” and “4” sounds on a great Strat’s five-way pickup selector switch.

P-Rails are available individually or in a neck and bridge set. Other than the addition of the switch, no modification is necessary to achieve a wide variety of classic guitar tones. Like all Seymour Duncan pickups, P-Rails are hand-built in Duncan’s Santa Barbara workshop.


  • Neck
  • Humbucking
  • D. C. Resistance: 12.60KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 4.0KHz
  • P-90
  • D. C. Resistance: 7.20KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 7.1KHz
  • Rails
  • D. C. Resistance: 5.45KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 5.6KHz

  • Bridge
  • Humbucking
  • D. C. Resistance: 18.35KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 2.9KHz
  • P-90
  • D. C. Resistance: 10.05KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 5.5KHz
  • Rails
  • D. C. Resistance: 8.30KΩ
  • Resonant Peak: 3.8KHz

  • Magnet: two Alnico 5 bars
  • Cable: four-conductor
  • USA MSRP: $129 individually, $248 neck and bridge set.

Stratocaster and Strat are registered trademarks of FMIC with which Seymour Duncan is not affiliated.
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