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Sontronics Joins Toontrack Music For 2 New Releases

United States
20th June 2007 — Sontronics microphones have now gone virtual, thanks to their starring role on two new drum sample collections released by Toontrack Music. Seven mics from the Sontronics range were used to precisely capture the sounds of the drumkits and percussion for the new Claustrophobic EZX and Twisted Kit EZX expansion kits for EZdrummer.

On Claustrophobic EZX, a HELIOS was used for the kick drum, one ORPHEUS close-miked the hi-hat while another was used as a mono overhead above the drummer, two SIGMAs were used as stereo overheads, and an STC-1S pair was used for the top and bottom of the snare drum. The mics were used in various configurations for Twisted Kit.

Sontronics microphones are well known for their accuracy when recording drums, and were specifically requested for the sessions by Toontrack Music’s head of sound design Mattias Eklund and head of marketing, Andreas Sundgren.

“We chose Sontronics microphones,” says Sundgren, “because we know they offer high-end quality at a reasonable price, something that goes hand-in-hand with the EZdrummer series. They also meet with Toontrack’s quality demands in general. They were used in all our sessions for Claustrophobic EZX with Per Mikaelsson and for Twisted Kit EZX with Michael Blair over six days of audio recording and 15 days of MIDI programming.”

Sontronics founder, Trevor Coley, adds: “We were very excited to be involved in the creation of these new drum collections, especially as I’ve always been impressed by the quality of sound and design of Toontrack’s EZdrummer series. Joining Toontrack Music on this project will also help us reach a whole group of new musicians, who will appreciate the quality and accuracy of our microphones, yet also realise they don’t cost the earth.”


Toontrack Music and Sontronics have also announced a SPECIAL OFFER:

All new users of any Toontrack Music product can save 25% on their next purchase of any Sontronics microphone. All Toontrack users registering their new product from 30th June 2007 can use their unique registration code on the Sontronics website to receive a 25% OFF voucher to use with their local Sontronics distributor before 31st December 2007. See Sontronics website for details.
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