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Largest Catalogue of Cello Music

United States
Authors Publish Life-Time Work

AMSTERDAM, December 20, 2007 — On November 30, 2007 the first complete catalogue of cello music was published in the Netherlands: A Cellist’s Companion: A Comprehensive Catalogue of Cello Literature. The authors, Henk Lambooij and Michael Feves spent thirty-five years compiling the catalogue, which contains approximately 45,000 titles written by over 15,000 composers. Listed alphabetically by composer and ordered by opus number and/or alphabetically by title, the 700-page reference work lists all music ever written in which the cello has a solo function. A catalogue of this scope has never before been publilshed. It is intended to be a reference work that will become every cellist’s companion, as well as a must for teachers, musicologists, journalists, music libraries, concert programmers, and everyone interested in cello repertoire.

Unlike other catalogues which list only published music available at the time of the catalogue’s publication, this catalogue includes all known works, spanning over 300 years. Titles were found uisng every possible source, ranging from the printed edition to reviews in 19th century magazines. Many titles have been left in their original language, and no attempt was made to include or exclude works based on quality. Among the categories included are cello solo, cello and piano, two or more cellos, duos with other instruments, solo cello and orchestra/ensemble, voice and cello and methods and studies. Chamber music works have been excluded unless the cello performs a solo function. The appendix contains a very useful index by instrumentation.

Henk Lambooij and Michael Feves are former cellists of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Hilversum, Netherlands. Challenged in the early 1970s to perform seldom-played cello works for radio broadcasts, Henk Lambooij was surprised to find a large repertoire of neglected or forgotten works. A few titles jotted down on scrap paper were expanded to fill four library-sized filing drawers. In 1981 Michael Feves began typing the information into his first computer. Over the next 26 years, many hours of library research in Europe and America resulted in this first comprehensive catalogue of solo cello music.

Hard cover (EUR 149, ISBN 978-90-9022371-1)

Paperback (EUR 95, ISBN 978-1-84799-005-1)
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