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Minnetonka Audio Announces AudioTools™ AWE v 1.3

United States
Support added for Sound Designer II and mp3Pro

Minnetonka, MN -December 20, 2007 — Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. (MASI) announces the release of AudioTools AWE version 1.3 which includes MP3 creation and Sound Designer II support. With improved performance, stability enhancements and new features, AudioTools AWE continues to be the must have digital audio workstation utility accessory.

AudioTools AWE is the automated audio workflow engine for editing, format conversion, plug-in processing, encoding and processing through external I/O devices. AudioTools AWE goes beyond single-batch processing by automating an entire workflow process. AudioTools AWE includes the following advanced features:

  • The Workflow Engine lets you to process thousands of files in a single job.
  • Processing chains can be auditioned and saved as templates.
  • Hot Folders automatically apply a complete processing workflow to any files placed in them
  • Job Queues helps manage priorities and progress of any number of sequential jobs
  • Job logs provide detailed information for tracking progress
  • Fail-safe recovery makes it easier to avoid, identify and correct problems that often occur in manual workflows.

Now, creation of mp3s and SDII file formats are also handled in the background, saving countless hours of setup time while relieving the burden on your workstation.

“From high resolution sample rate conversion to simply cutting MP3s, AWE’s unique ability to drop a file in a hot folder saves me lots of setup time. I can focus on my work while having the confidence that the files are being processed in the background exactly as I want them to be,” says Bob Boyd of Ambient Digital, Houston.

“Our users have a wide range of file formats to support. We are taking aim at the most common types first, but plans are to grow the list as users require. MP3 and SDII are at the top of that list,” says John Schur, President of MASI. “We are always paying close attention to our customers, and adding the new features that make their job easier.”

With a feature set that’s already attractively priced starting at $395; AudioTools AWE is available through MASI’s international network of pro audio resellers and our webstore: secure.minnetonkasoftware.com/store”.

For more information or to set up a trial evaluation visit the website.
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