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Roland Announces The FR-2/FR-2b V-Accordions [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
Anaheim CA, January 17, 2008 — Roland is proud to announce the FR-2 series V-Accordions. These dynamic instruments offer the advantages of Roland’s Physical Behavior Modeling technology, providing true tone and characteristics of the world’s best accordions, but they are significantly lighter than previous models, making them the perfect solution for students and traveling musicians.

At almost half the weight of the flagship V-Accordion, the FR-2/FR-2b is portable and comfortable, whether you’re a student or a professional musicians, at home or on stage, this instrument is easy on the shoulders and back.

Powered by eight standard AA batteries (sold separately), the FR-2/FR-2b give players the freedom to play wherever they want.

The FR-2/FR-2b has five pads for adding percussive excitement to your performance. They can be used as drum pads, or to trigger rhythms via Loop Playback Mode. You can also add drum sounds to your bass notes and chords, allowing you to easily create exciting accompaniments. There is also a Song function for “minus one” play-along fun. The FR-2/FR-2b contains 8 user programs for instant storage and recall of favorite settings.

The many connection options of the new FR-2/FR-2b allow players to perform in any situation. A headphone output is provided for private practice. The Line output lets musicians plug into amps and mixers onstage or in the studio while the MIDI output allows them to play external keyboards and other MIDI-compatible instruments from the V-Accordion.

The improved Bellows Resistance Regulator on the new FR-2/FR-2b V-Accordion allows you to fine-tune the bellows pressure according to your strength, ability, and personal style — another FR-2/FR-2b advantage that fosters comfort and playability.
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