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TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 Audio Interface Now Available [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
Risskov, Denmark – January 17th 2008 - TC Electronic announces that Studio Konnekt 48 is now available worldwide. Studio Konnekt 48 is a professional quality audio interface with IMPACT II™ preamps and built-in DSP ranging from channel strips and reverb, to speaker control and bass management. Studio Konnekt 48 ships with a multi-functional remote for mixer control, speaker selection and a built-in talkback microphone allowing quick and easy access of parameters. Studio Konnekt 48 is available at a suggested retail price of EUR 1499.

Studio Konnekt 48 houses the most extensive feature set yet in the Konnekt series. A total of 48 I/O with four Impact II™ mic preamps and use of 12 analog inputs and 12 analog outputs simultaneously enables users to record all sources at once, monitoring input signals with a high resolution meter. The main XLR outputs are analog but at the same time digitally controlled, combining the best possible analog quality with the flexibility and precision of digital control. The two headphone outputs have individual level control and source, allowing individual mixes for each.

Studio Konnekt 48 is equipped with world-class DSP effects transferred directly from TC’s most renowned products. Included are two stereo Fabrik C Studio effects, featuring four simultaneous 4-band EQ, multiband compression channel strip and mastering effects based on TC System 6000 algorithms. Also included is the Fabrik R Studio, a built-in reverb based on TC Reverb 4000 technology. Running effects on DSP means virtually no latency when running effects, even when Studio Konnekt 48 is not connected to a computer.

Studio Konnekt 48 features a 24/8 channel flexible digital mixer with total recall and DSP effects insert points, giving users zero compromise when it comes to routing options. The mixer has 48-bit double precision summing on all mix busses, 56-bit internal processing and each of the mixer outputs can be routed to any physical output.

Studio Konnekt 48 features support for surround systems at an unprecedented level in an audio interface. The speaker management section is based on AIR™ technology, and supports three speaker sets enabling users to set individual speaker level and delay in 0.1 steps. This assures perfect level alignment between speakers and allows the user to compensate for less-than-optimal speaker placement. Also included in the speaker management section is the integrated bass management with selectable filters and frequency crossover points.

The included Studio Kontrol desktop remote has a high resolution LED light ring to visualize parameter values, and a compact design ensuring a smooth and fast workflow when working with Studio Konnekt 48. With the remote, users have instant access to all important mixer parameters at all times, including monitoring levels, speaker set recall, reverb level/decay and talk back, as well as a built-in guitar tuner. The talkback microphone and the listen back feature will simplify communication with artists, and the talkback microphone signal can be recorded into the DAW for audio notes. Further plug-ins include the ResFilter known from Konnekt Live, the Assimilator Konnekt plug-in found throughout the Konnekt family and the Integrator plug-in, which allows use of external hardware devices as if they were plug-ins. All these plug-ins are fully compatible with VST and AU. The Studio Konnekt feature set is rounded out with an intuitive guitar tuner found on the remote light ring and the connectivity to other Konnekt devices through TC Near.

Konnekt is a superior line of audio interfaces ranging from Desktop Konnekt 6 focusing on convenience and ease of use, the mobile recording interface Konnekt 8, the DSP equipped Konnekt 24D, Konnekt Live dedicated to live laptop performers, the Digital Konnekt X32 all-in-one digital patchbay, format converter and FireWire audio interface, to the high-end Studio Konnekt 48 featuring an extensive suite of built-in DSP effects including channel strips, reverb, speaker control and bass management, and a multi-functional remote for mixer control, speaker select and a built-in talkback microphone.

For a comparison of the Konnekt audio interfaces, please refer to www.tcelectronic.com/konnektcomparison.
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