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PedalSnake Cures the “Hum Headache”

United States
September 7, 2007, RALEIGH, NC — Stage Magic Inc., creator of the award-winning PedalSnake product, has recently come up with an ingenious, simple new test for guitar players with noise problems.

Where is that annoying hum coming from? Guitar players have asked this question for decades. Now, there is a simple test that troubleshoots the cause, and gives you the solution. Find it at www.pedalsnake.com.

They call it the “HumTest” Simple Hum Test.

While the Simple Hum Test has nothing to do with PedalSnake—being about rig grounding in general—it is not surprising that PedalSnake would come up with an ingenious solution like this. Jody Page, PedalSnake’s inventor, and president of Stage Magic Inc., is not only a life-long gigging musician, but also an electrical engineer who now claims 3 U.S. patents, and an inductee into NASA’s Space Foundation Hall of Fame.

Page explains, “Our “HumTest” Simple Hum Test is but one of the many cool tips and tricks found at HYPERLINK “http://www.pedalsnake.com” www.pedalsnake.com. It is now the most comprehensive website anywhere on guitar rigs, tricks and tips, pedals, noise, etc.”

Anyone can do it. “I had a mysterious hum for years, and finally figured out the cause. It was so simple, we had to pass a simple test along to everyone. The result was our Simple Hum Test, which only takes a few minutes, requires no special tools or instruments, and is simple enough for anyone to use. Since our new site’s release, the Test has received great feedback from all over the world.”

The new PedalSnake website, with the new Simple Hum Test, was released on the 4th of July 2007, along with an all-new PedalSnake product line. If the old product line is any indicator, the new line is set to be a big winner—and so is the Simple Hum Test.

Harris-Teller and Fender’s Wholesale Division are presently the Official USA PedalSnake Distributors
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