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Muse Research Announces Special Receptor Upgrade Program

United States
Limited Time Offer Upgrades Older Receptors at Special Prices

Menlo Park, CA. December 10, 2007 — Muse Research, Inc. announced today that they have launched a limited-time special offer to the installed base of Receptor owners allowing them to upgrade their hardware at an extra-low price. This offer allows purchasers of the earlier versions of hardware to upgrade to the latest version and enjoy the benefits of faster, cooler, and quieter operation. Along with the opportunity to upgrade their hardware, customers are also given the opportunity to upgrade their hard drives, RAM, or add new software as well. Orders for the upgrade packages can be placed on-line through the company’s www.plugorama.com website. Promotional pricing is valid through the end of this month.

Upgrade to the latest / greatest at the lowest price ever

Receptor originally shipped with a 32-bit processor and 266Mhz RAM. Subsequent hardware revisions use a 64-bit processor and faster RAM, drastically improving performance while decreasing heat, noise, and power consumption. The resultant “Rev C” models not only offer better performance overall, they also can support SATA drives, a feature the company intends to release in the future. As a result, the company has come up with a specially priced upgrade program to get customers into the latest hardware so that they can enjoy the better performance as well as the improvements that will come with future software updates.

Program design to make it simple to upgrade both hardware and software

Ordering one of the several upgrade packages available is as simple as a single mouse click. Once the order has been placed, the customer simply ships their unit back to the factory where it will be upgraded to the new hardware, updated to the latest system software, and then fully checked for proper operation. Additionally, customers can choose to have larger hard drives, more RAM, or new plug-in software installed on their unit at a very reasonable price, making it easy to add products like Native Instrument’s Komplete 5 to their Receptor.
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