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Evans MX Black Marching Tenor & Bass Drum Heads [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
More than Just Good Looks

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 16, 2008 — Evans Drumheads introduces the new MX Black series of marching tenor and bass drum heads. Providing an edgy, contemporary look, Evans MX Black holds high tensions with ease, while producing a brighter and more open tone that will cut through a large ensemble with ease, resulting in a more balanced rhythmical content. Constructed with a durable, unique film that holds it’s tuning over a prolonged period, MX Black heads will respond to the demands of the modern marching ensemble.

Like all MX Tenors, the MX Black tenor heads incorporate an advanced hoop concept that prevents pull-out. Two plies of a 7.5-mil black film promote a more organic and tactile feel, while delivering superior attack and a more open tone.

All MX 1 bass heads are designed with a unique tone damping system that enhances articulation and focuses low-end. The MX 1 Black features a10-mil black film that provides a dark, contemporary look, while furnishing a brighter tone that projects well. A second option, the MX 2 Black incorporates two 7.5-mil plies of the same black film. Rugged and extremely durable, they offer a more focused attack while retaining the ability to cut through any ensemble and project the necessary low-end.

“The introduction of the MX Black Series represents a broadening of Evans sonic pallet for marching applications,” explains Michael Robinson, Senior Product Manager – Percussion & SB&O. “We’ve reconciled difficult issues—for example, augmenting sustain while sharpening attack and focus. We’ve created an overall brighter sounding head that still delivers body and depth. The MX Black heads look good and cut--with authority.”
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