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New Look To D’Addario’s XL Packaging Unites Best-Selling String Family

United States
Brighter Packaging Brings Consistency, Delineates Diverse Offerings

FARMINGDALE, NY, July 27, 2007 — D’Addario’s packaging has continually been designed to aid both the retailer and consumer –easy design, simple call outs and color-coded packages to easily identify string gauges. D’Addario is proud to announce a fresh new look in XL packaging and the addition of two new, exciting XL lines —one that unites all products in the line, from electric guitar to bass, but that clearly distinguishes D’Addario’s sub-brands while remaining true to the well-known look and easily recognizable D’Addario XL packaging.

Inspired by the successful re-launch of D’Addario’s bass string line, the new packaging brings across-the-board consistency to the diverse XL line, combined with instant visual recognition of the essential attributes of the various strings within the XL family. Each sub-brand will maintain its unique identification and feel. In fact, all packaging within the electric brand family will now have distinctive fonts to distinguish each sub-brand—for example Pro Steels, Nickel Wound, Half Rounds, Pure Nickel and Chromes. Another consumer-friendly adjustment: gauges will appear in consistent colors across the various types. In addition, tone and feel descriptors will be added to packaging for each string type.

“It’s a bright new look that reflects the D’Addario commitment to invigorating the XL line, while clarifying sub-brand identification and assisting choice according to essential criteria of tone and feel that every player is looking for when they buy strings,” Says Brian Vance, D’Addario Senior Product Manager. “The new packaging goes beyond a mere facelift—appropriate since XL is a world famous, best-selling and diverse line for guitar and bass.”
D’Addario Launches New XL String Lines, From Bright And Contemporary To Vintage Warmth
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