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State-Of-The-Art Distribution Facility Opens At 99 Marcus Drive In Farmingdale, NY [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
New Pick & Pack System Will Double Order Completion and Reduce Lead Times

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 17, 2008 — D’Addario is pleased to announce the opening of its brand-new distribution facility, located at 99 Marcus Drive in Farmingdale, NY.

The new facility implements a variety of systems and capabilities, including increased square footage—from approximately 48,000-square feet within two buildings to over 52,000 square feet contained within one building, allowing D’Addario to significantly reduce location replenishments. Additionally, the new facility has an increased ceiling height of approximately 24 feet, an increase of over eight feet from the previous distribution center allowing for additional racking and finished goods storage. More impressive, a new conveyer system, almost 1,700 feet long with 200 bays and 2,000 skid positions for racking is in place.

The company has also implemented a new Pick & Pack System that will direct the completion of hundreds of orders a day from the variety of line items manufactured. The system is driven by software that takes into account a variety of factors including account priority codes, order request date, order type and availability, ensuring the efficient flow of orders through the system before being directed to a dedicated packing area.

The Pick & Pack System has been designed to accommodate the sheer variety in order sizes—increasing the number of lines picked per day from an average of 2,300 to over 4,200. The system will also allow shortened lead times on U.S. dealer orders to 24 hours or less, enabling shipment the same day for all orders received by 3 p.m.

“This is a very exciting time for our company,” says Rick Drumm, D’Addario & Company President. “This new distribution facility will surely set us apart from our competition and ensure our long term success in the marketplace while exceeding customers’ expectations.”
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