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EC Resonant Tom Heads & Hybrid Drumset Snare Batter [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
A Resonant Revolution for Toms & a Mega-Durable Snare Batter

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 16, 2008 — Evans brings EC (Edge Control) technology to resonant heads. The new EC Resonant tom head is the first “bottom” head to promote the natural tone and body of any tom by means of frequency “tweaking.” The new Hybrid Drumset Snare Batter borrows from its revolutionary sister, the Hybrid Marching Snare Batter and, thus, is the most durable of Evans’ drumset heads and is already in use by metal drummers Bobby Jarzombek and Mike Wengren. These artists are delighting in a head that provides such extreme durability and attack without sacrificing feel or sensitivity.

The EC Resonant tom head is constructed from a single ply of 10 mil ultra-clear film augmented with the Evans EC ring. It attenuates unwanted overtones and centers pitch, while delivering a desirable mid-range frequency bump. It’s the first head to have the capacity to control and correct the tuning inconsistencies of bottom heads, a long-standing roadblock to perfect tuning for many drummers. The result is a more resonant, fatter tom that projects a truer pitch, irrespective of volume levels.

The Hybrid Snare Drum Batter, originally baptized on the football field, is durable to the extreme, yet does not sacrifice sensitivity. This is a result of the use of two unique high-tensile fibers, one chosen for flexibility and the other for durability. The head answers the wishes of heavy rockers, delivering heightened attack and unprecedented resistance to breaking. The most durable of Evans heads, it offers an intriguing aesthetic. A layer of Evans’ unique “frosted” coating allows the grey twill inner weave to show through clearly.

“We’ve made a quantum leap with the EC Resonant,” explains Senior Evans Brand Manager, Michael Robinson. “This head will stun drummers accustomed to attributing better toms sounds only to batter head selection. They’ll be shocked to discover that their dream tom sound was laying in wait; the EC Resonant releases it! The Evans Hybrid drumset snare batter will answer the prayers of heavy hitters. Evans has not only given them an exceptionally durable head; we’ve provided a head that projects better across a wide dynamic range.”

The EC Resonant retails from $27.00 - $47.00 and the Hybrid Drumset Snare Batter from $92.00 - $96.00, both available February 1, 2008.
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