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Dynacord Cobra At Oklahoma Centennial Events

United States
20 November 2007 — Cory’s Audio Visual Services, Inc., of Oklahoma City has one of the largest and hardest-working Dynacord Cobra line-array inventories in the USA. Together with their new Electro-Voice REV wireless systems, Midas mixing consoles and Klark Teknik processing, Cory’s Cobra-based rigs provide their customers with top-notch audio quality at every step of the signal chain in high-performance, highly portable packages perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.

Two such recent shows celebrating Oklahoma’s Centennial year—the first a concert by legendary singer Shirley Jones and the second the Boy Scouts of America’s 2007 Centennial Camporee— bore testimony to the uniquely flexible combination of plug and play power and control Cobra offers.

Shirley Jones—the Academy Award-winning singer and actress most famous for her role in The Partridge Family—performed with the University of Central Oklahoma Symphonic Orchestra and Ballet Oklahoma, all on one stage for the University of Central Oklahoma’s Broadway Tonight series Centennial concert event.

“The Rose State Performing Arts Theatre proved to be an excellent venue for this event,” says Preston Williams of Cory’s. “Drawing from our inventory of Cobra systems, we used five Cobra-2 Top boxes and three Cobra-4 Far boxes per side to throw top to bottom coverage into the tall, balconied room. Four Cobra PWH 18-inch subs provided an ample amount of low-end. Although there were over 70 microphones on stage, this show turned out to be relatively easy; all the performers are consummate professionals, and having the Midas and Klark Teknik equipment added real finesse to the mix with minimal tweaking. We had a lot of fun with the show; having that many instruments on stage without digital consoles is a challenge, but there wasn’t really a need for an abundance of outboard gear as everything worked like it should and sounded superb. Using a 48-channel Verona and 32-channel Venice gave us all the inputs we needed, delivering the warm sound of Midas preamps on every mic. I was really pleased with the spacing of the mix, and we received a ton of compliments after the show—everyone was happy.”

Regarding the REV wireless microphone system used by Ms. Jones for the concert; Williams was impressed. “What a fantastic microphone,” he adds, “we use the EV N/D767a capsule with the new REV handheld and the way it sounds through the Cobra is phenomenal. We’ve A/B tested the 767a with another industry standard mic, and the difference is remarkable. It’s simply a great-sounding capsule. The wireless unit itself is awesome; we’ve had zero problems with it, and love its ease of use. RF is getting tougher downtown, and the mobility the mic’s ClearScan function offers is quick, precise and worry-free.”

The Boy Scouts of America Centennial Camporee at Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area, Lawton, OK, was another problem/solution proving ground for Cory’s Cobra system. “This outdoor amphitheater event posed a couple of challenges that the Cobra system quickly addressed,” says Williams. “We were unaware, going in, that the distance from FOH position to the stage was about 250 feet. The stage was large too—about 72-feet wide. We originally believed that we would need more PA to provide a more consistent coverage without hurting people in the front sections, but we soon realized that the system we’d brought—3x Cobra-2 Top, 2x Cobra-4 Far, 4x PWH subs per side—would be more than ample. I was particularly impressed with the amount of low end the PWH’s were throwing out to FOH. There were 5000 people in that arena, and as it tuned out I had plenty of headroom in the PA. All the technical directors and lighting people were located at FOH and were happy with the amount of coverage provided by the Cobra system. The long throw with this system opens it up for such a wide range of applications; it means we get a quicker return on our investment because it’s always working, and that’s why we love it—it works because it works.”

“The band performed songs from musical eras over the past 100 years, so there was a wide variety, from old jazz to Van Halen’s “Jump,” Williams adds. “We love that our Cobra has a tiny footprint, and with as much video that we do, we don’t want a huge PA getting in the way of the LED screens at an event like this. We were handling the video for this event too, so I needed the rig to do exactly what it did; I needed to set it up, turn it on, and deliver. And that’s exactly what happens every time with the Cobra.”

Oklahoma Centennial Events Equipment List:

Shirley Jones & Ballet Oklahoma

  • 6x Dynacord Cobra-4 Far
  • 10x Dynacord Cobra-2 Top
  • 4x Dynacord PWH 18 Sub
  • 3x Dynacord DSP244
  • 8x Dynacord L2400 amplifiers
  • 3x Electro-Voice REV dual wireless microphones (REV-H w/ 767a head)
  • 1x Midas Verona 480 FOH
  • 1x Midas Venice 320 FOH
  • 1x Midas Siena 480 monitors
  • 2x Kalrk Teknik DN360 EQ
  • 2x Klark Teklnik DN500 Plus
  • 2x Klark Teknik DN504 Plus

Boy Scouts of America 2007 Centennial Camporee

  • 4x Dynacord Cobra-4 Far
  • 6x Dynacord Cobra-2 Top
  • 8x Dynacord PWH 18 Sub
  • 3x Dynacord DSP244
  • 8x Dynacord L2400 amplifiers
  • 3x Electro-Voice REV dual wireless microphones (REV-BP w/ RE92Tx)
  • 6x Electro-Voice Zx1
  • 1x Midas Verona 480 FOH
  • 1x Midas Siena 480
  • 2x Klark Teknik DN360 EQ
  • 2x Klark Teklnik DN500 Plus
  • 2x Klark Teknik DN504 Plus

Celebrate Oklahoma’s Centennial, 2007 : www.oklahomacentennial.com
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