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Satis&fy Adds Adamson

United States
TORONTO, ONTARIO – November 20, 2007 — Satis&fy is one of Europe’s leading companies for professional events planning and technical production. Their headquarters are located 15 minutes away from the city of Frankfurt, and also have subsidiaries in Werne (satis&fy GmbH - Live Entertainment & Touring Support), Berlin (satis&fy AG Berlin), the Netherlands (satis&fy Event Productions B.V.) and in Honolulu, Hawaii (satis&fy LLC) . “All the subsidiaries are one company on principle. We have an active exchange of gear among each other, so there is a large inventory that everybody has the ability to use.” explains Managing Director Andreas Drees. Satis&fy offers an unique combination of event execution specialists with the latest high-end production equipment from all areas of events technology including lighting, video equipment, stage sets, fair and exhibition systems, special effects, sound equipment, conference equipment, rigging, scaffolding, decoration and trucking. Satis&fy even has metal, wood and assembly shops, as well as 3D rendering services to complete their technical solutions. To achieve their goal as a one-stop shop, Satis&fy runs a team of 200 specialists, who have designed and produced shows in Europe, US, Russia and other countries around the globe. Through their international work, they have gained vast experience coping with differences such as fire regulations, labour laws or safety.

Performing sound design for major events is one of Satis&fy’s expertise. Their existing large format line-array inventory includes V-Dosc from L-Acoustics and X-Line from Electro-Voice. The latest addition to their large format inventory is 24 Y18 True Line Source Array cabinets, and 12 T-21 Subs from Adamson. “Geneally speaking it’s like a car rental company that offers different models of similar grade. FOH engineers normally prefer a certain PA system and at Satis&fy they can now offer three alternatives: the Y-Axis, V-Dosc and X-Line.“ Satis&fy’s business developer Werner Renz continues to explain the grounds for purchasing a third large format PA system: “I heard the Y18 the first time at a concert in Switzerland and I was surprised. The rather small amount of cabinets produced a high SPL and still had quite a bit of headroom left. I was also sold on the sound, especially the low-mids, which are of particular importance for the vocals and instruments like guitars and the snare drum. The following time I heard the the Y18’s in a series of shows, my first impression got confirmed. Thus, it was an obvious for us to invest in the Y18’s with T-21 Subs as as our third big system.” Renz adds.

During a two day training seminar Adamson’s European Sales Manager Andy Weingaertner and European Tour Support Jochen Sommer introduced a number of Satis&fy staff to the system with topics like system configuration, the shooter simulation software and XTA system controllers, and also covered physical aspects such as rigging, setup and teardown. One of the freshest topics was using the Adamson T21-Subs in cardioid mode. The recent research was commissioned by Adamson, executed by Didier DalFitto of DV2 and successfully tested this year’s big summer festivals “Les Voix du Gaou“ and “Festival des Vielles Charrues“ in France.

Satis& fy put this algorithm mode into the test at one of their very first shows with the Y-Axis system. October 3rd, a national holiday, marked the anniversary of German Unification which took place on that same day in 1990, close to a year after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Annual large festivities take place in Berlin and traditionally the celebration concert gives a chance for up and coming artist to perform on the same stage as some of the most established German artists and in front of a huge audience to boot. This year 750.000 spectators came to see bands such as July, Silbermond and Die Fantastischen Vier at this very special event.

Jochen Sommer was at the site as technical support personnel overseeing the main system set-up which consisted of 24 Y18, 12 T-21, 12 EV X-Line Subs distributed in front of the stage to flatten out the LF response of a standard L/R sub configuration, 10 L-Acoustics ARCS as near fills, and several delay positions with Nexo’s Geo-D systems provided by a local rental company. The monitoring system consisted of a larger amount of L-Acoustics FM115 wedges plus dV-Dosc with SB218 subs as side fills, The T21 subs were used in Cardioid mode. Satis&Fy system engineer and FOH support Johan Schreuder said: “It’s amazing! You stand next to the rear sub stack and you think somebody has switched it off.” and Renz adds: “This helps very much in dealing with the emission regulations we’re facing here.”

Jochen Sommer commented on the Cardioid Sub configuration: “Everyone was very impressed by the massive backward damping of this configuration, which simultaneously has practically the same power output in the front as when used in a conventional sub setup. Didier DalFitto and Pascal Guillaume did a fantastic job. This thing just works!”

Their new Adamson rig is in demand, right off the Berlin show, it traveled to Hannover for a 25,000 strong corporate gig to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of the VW Bus, better known as the “hippie van” or the “bulli” in German. True to its image, the corporate event was decorated in a 60’s theme and had no other than “The Who” headline, who actually brought their own Digico D5 console to the event. The band is quite particular about on stage sub levels and the T21 Sub cardioid set-up certainly didn’t hurt. The system set-up was similar to the Berlin show but without delays. FOH engineer Rob Collins who was working on an Adamson PA for the second time was astonished by the power commented “it’s an ass-kicking PA”.

Presently the entire system is on a tour with “Die Fantastischen Vier” one of Germany’s most succesful bands.
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