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Access Music announces Virus TI Snow [ Winter NAMM 2008 ]

United States
Recklinghausen, Germany - January 12, 2008 - Access Music today announced Virus TI Snow, their new table-top synthesizer based on the award-winning Virus TI series of synthesizers.

“The Virus TI Snow is the ideal companion for live musicians and for those who want to take a powerful but compact synth to a jam session.” said Marc Schlaile, Access’ Product Director. “Over a thousand sounds can be accessed with a maximum of 4 button pushes. With 3 programmable hardware knobs per patch and additional ones for filter and envelope control, performers can control the core of the sound without having to dive into an edit menu.”

The TI Snow is 100% compatible with all patches for the TI series and plays back a maximum of 50 voices with 4 multi-timbral parts (64 multi performances, 512 RAM and 512 ROM patches). The oscillator models include virtual analog, hypersaw, wavetable and graintable types. The filter section features a Moog cascade filter emulation with 1-4 poles and self-oscillation among others. The FX section includes simultaneous reverb, delay, eq, distortion, lo-fi effects, bass boost, phaser and chorus/flanger - even in multi mode.

Sounds can also be edited and stored using Virus Control, their VST/AU/RTAS compatible plug-in. 16 patch select buttons can be used for fast access to edit menus and navigation. “Easy edit mode” allows for fast and dramatic changes providing a selection of context-sensitive parameters which adapt by analysis of the underlying sound patch. Nevertheless, pretty much all parameters can be edited on the hardware when switched into “expert edit mode”.

The sturdy metal enclosure of Virus TI Snow houses a pair of stereo inputs and outputs (output level @ +4dB), MIDI in- and outputs. USB can be used for Total Integration, which offers another three stereo outputs into the Virus Control plug-in and sample-accurate MIDI timing. The audio inputs can be utilised to mangle any type of sound using the filters and effects.

The Snow comes in a messenger bag which offers enough space for the power supply and additional cables.

Pricing & Availability

Virus TI Snow will be available in Spring 2008 through authorised Access dealers worldwide. More information on Virus TI Snow can be found at: www.virus.info

Suggested retail price is: €1100.- (Incl. 19% MwSt) / $1.350,00
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