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Super-producer Tommy D can use any monitors in the studio – as long as they’re KRKs…

United States
22nd November 2007 — If you’re looking for rock-solid recommendations on the monitoring front, why not take a tip from a man who’s constantly in demand for his outstanding production skills? Tommy D has worked with some of the biggest artists in the business, helping them shift over 50 million records, racking up Number 1s all over the world. So when it comes to tracking, mixing or simply ‘vibing it up’, Tommy D chooses KRK.

Tommy D’s worked with some standout artists during his career, including Kylie Minogue, Jay Z, Corinne Bailey Rae, Michael Jackson and Kanye West. When you’re working with such diverse artists you have to be ready for anything, which is why he takes KRK monitors with him every time he steps into the studio.

You may not know it, but you’ve heard Tommy D’s hits all over the world. And this Autumn production fans had the chance to see his wealth of experience put to the test, as Tommy presented new BBC series ‘Singing With The Enemy’, which took two musically conflicting bands who spent time living together and collaborating on a track. The aim? To write a hit song and record it all in just eight days. With those pressures you need equipment you can rely on.

“In my home studio I rely on KRK 9000s. That’s where I do most of my programming and get that vibe going. But when I’m tracking, whether it’s drums, guitars, brass, strings – you name it – then I’ll turn to my trusty V8s. They’re the monitors I’ll usually use in the big boys’ studios, like Metropolis or RAK Studios.”

“I’ve had my 9000’s for 12 years – I know those monitors back to front and left to right. And the reason I still use them? Because I can trust them, they’re honest. They don’t fake the sound yet they have tremendous range. And they’re punchy as hell! Music just sounds fantastic through them.”

“I travel around to record and mix in a lot of different environments, and I love the way you can go to any studio with the V8s and the sound is always the same. It’s all about what you know and therefore what you can trust. But it’s not just about being sat right there in the sweet spot – the sound stays pretty constant wherever you are in the room. And you can turn them up really loud without them breaking up, which is great for ‘vibing up’ the session. The KRK’s can really take the pressure, which is essential when there are so many other speakers that just fall apart when you crank them up.”

Given that Tommy’s a KRK man through and through it’s hard for him to accept any other monitoring solution, although he is keen to move on to a different speaker. “I hear that the E8B’s are about ready to replace the 9000s, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what they’re capable of. I’m feeling pretty confident that they’ll be right there with me for the next 12 years!”
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