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Franklin Bridge Features Hot Hand® Guitar Effects On “Next Great American Band”

United States
The Next Great American Band Encompasses Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Big Band, Country and Bluegrass Bands with Top Performing Artists Such as Curt Chambers

Los Angeles, CA, 15 November 2007 — Franklin Bridge’s lead singer/lead guitarist Curt Chambers recently showcased the Hot Hand Guitar Effects System during the popular band’s blistering interpretation of Billy Joel’s “Big Shot” as they powered their way through week four of Fox’s Next Great American Band competition. Produced by Simon Fuller of American Idol fame, Next Great American Band expands the format from vocalists to encompass a wide range of contemporary bands from heavy metal and pop to big band, bluegrass and beyond.

Guitarist Chambers uses the Hot Hand Wah Filter system and made a point of highlighting the unit’s ring controller with a distinctive flourish of hand motions during his radical solo on the Billy Joel song classic. One of the judges, Ian “Dicko” Dickson from “Australian Idol” even pointed out Chambers’ use of Hot Hand, referring to Curt as “Inspector Gadget” and noting his “fantastic spirit fingers” during a positive review of the performance.

Asked about Hot Hand and its impact on his performance, Chambers said, “The Hot Hand guitar controller gives me the extra rock star that’s needed when I need all eyes and ears on me. Everyone wants to know what’s on my hand.”

An inspirational blend of rock, funk and hip hop, Franklin Bridge hails from the Philadelphia/New Jersey area and, in addition to Chambers, features Dwayne Moore on bass and vocals, Ray Ray Hollorman on guitar and vocals and Lil’ Darrell Robinson on drums.

Citing influences such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Radiohead, Earth Wind & Fire, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson, Franklin Bridge has already attracted a solid fan base that is growing exponentially due to their highly acclaimed exposure on Next Great American Band.

Hot Hand from Source Audio is the first motion control system for guitar effects. Functioning with comprehensive Wah Filter and Phaser/Flanger effects systems, the wireless ring controller allows guitarists to use hand or body motions as a means of producing a wide variety of effects sounds in tandem with different modulation sources, greatly expanding their sonic possibilities and potential for creative movements on stage.
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