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EMG – Sponsors Hit Show

United States
24 October 2007 — EMG Pickups is an official sponsor of the hit TV show, Season 2, now showing on the Cartoon Network & Adult Swim. Shredding away on the programme on their EMG’s throughout the season will be Dethlok members, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth and William Murderface. On top of all this activity Dethlok will release their new recording, Dethalbum, which once again will feature Dethlok creator, Brandon Small, playing guitar with the help of his EMG-81 and EMG-85 setup. A tour will follow shortly afterwards.
Spector Debuts 30th Anniversary NS-230 “Bass Bass”
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Spector Debuts 30th Anniversary NS-230 “Bass Bass”

24 October 2007 — Spector celebrates the 30th anniversary of the renowned Spector NS style bass. The original contoured ergonomic bass was designed for Spector by award winning designer Ned Steinberger. The now historic NS bass was the fir …

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Musicians Institute Summer Shot

LOS ANGELES, October 24, 2007 — Always looking to push the envelope where new and exciting educational opportunities are concerned, Hollywood’s Musicians Institute(MI) keeps its innovative instructional experiences rolling next year with Su …

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