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Softube Launches Acoustic Feedback, the First Real Guitar Feedback Plug-In

United States
Linköping, Sweden. Nov 12th 2007 – Softube is announcing the Acoustic Feedback plug-in for VST, AU and RTAS. Acoustic Feedback is available today at the TC Electronic web shop (€89 excl. VAT or $99).

Acoustic Feedback is the first ever realistic simulation of guitar feedback. After years of hard work spent on perfecting every detail of Vintage Amp Room, the developers at Softube felt obliged to create what they felt was the missing link between a real amp and an amp plug-in.

The result is a simple and intuitive plug-in which emulates the feedback effect which occurs between the guitar and the amplifier. Bundled with a special edition of White amp from Vintage Amp Room, Acoustic Feedback will rock your socks off. Seriously.

Worldwide distribution of Vintage Amp Room is handled by TC Electronic, Denmark.

With a passion for music and mathematics, Softube was founded in 2003 as a developer of digital signal processing algorithms for the audio industry. Several current products by renowned manufacturers are based on Softube technology. Vintage Amp Room was the first product under the Softube brand name.

Softube’s core technology is the simulation of analog circuits through physical modeling, an area in which the company holds several patents. Collaborating closely with Linköping Institute of Technology, Softube has completed more than a dozen research projects, with topics ranging from spring reverb simulations and resonance modeled room simulations, to novel power amp designs and next-generation compilers.
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