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Laguna Guitars — Designed By Players For Players

United States
New company introduces a complete range of market driven acoustic and electric guitars specifically designed with input from the guitar community

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, October 17, 2007 — A new breed of luthiers have come together to introduce Laguna Guitars — instruments based on the philosophy that the best guitar designs flow from a single source: the needs of the player. It is a belief that drove them to set tradition aside, ignore the “but-that’s-how-it’s-always-been-done” approach, and instead listen to guitarists’ voices and watch their hands. Asking a thousand different questions, in a thousand different ways helped Laguna forge a new kind of guitar design philosophy—one that is “player-driven.” The result is a comprehensive line of acoustic and electric guitars that guitarists help to create.

Designed By Guitarists For Guitarists

In the development of Laguna guitars players said that the thumbscrews on the back of most locking-tuners are easy-to-lose, so Laguna developed uniquely designed lightweight, tuners that are self-locking from the front. Guitarists also expressed the desire for a tougher graphite nut, thus Laguna incorporates nuts that are Teflon-reinforced and self-lubricating. Instrument owners often find themselves frustrated with extreme back bowing that renders a guitar useless and unplayable, so the company spent extra research and development time designing a dual action truss rod to eliminate this problem — at no extra cost.

In general guitarists want premium quality without premium pricing. Laguna comes through by including swamp ash bodies and thick dark Indian rosewood fretboards on comfortable Canadian hard rock maple necks, as well as strap locks that are inset into the guitar body — all without the usual custom upgrade pricing.

Electricity In The Air

The Laguna line of solid-body electrics covers a wide-variety of the styles, sounds and price points favored by guitarists of all genres of music:

The LE222 offers a smoothly contoured basswood body, premium hardware, and custom-wound ceramic pickups in an SSH configuration all for $299.99 (estimated street price).

The LE322 is designed around a resonant, Louisiana swamp ash body. The custom-wound Alnico 5 pickups (SSH) with coil tap give plenty of mid-range punch to complement the rich low-end and snappy bite of the ash body. ($399.99 estimated street price).

The LE422 ($499.99 estimated street price) adds a top-quality, AAA flamed maple veneer for a luxurious look, but leaves the natural tone of the Louisiana swamp ash untouched.

The top-of-the-line LE524 ($599.99 estimated street price) features a thick rosewood flat-radius fretboard on a comfortable North American hard rock maple neck with 24 jumbo frets that beg for shredding. Its coil-tapped, custom-wound Alnico 5 humbuckers are perfect for an aggressive but warm high-output tone, while the Floyd Rose®-licensed locking tremolo system invites whammy bar abuse.

Also available are Laguna Ultimate Rock Packs that include a Laguna guitar and a Line6® amp.

Great Acoustics

Laguna Acoustic guitars reflect the same musician-centric design philosophy as their electric counterparts. Each one in the series is loaded with features that players have been requesting like solid wood tops and mahogany necks. Any guitarist will admit that looks are important as well, so Laguna Acoustic guitars include maple binding and satin nickel hardware — again without the usual premium pricing that other manufacturers would apply.

Guitarists have always sought out acoustic guitars built with exotic materials, and Laguna’s luthiers have responded, incorporating new and rare tonewoods into their designs. Each of these woods has its own spirit and presence, making every guitar a uniquely voiced instrument, and making it easier for guitarists to find the instrument that has the right tone for them.

The top-of-the-line LG6 acoustic series ($699.99 estimated street price) features Fishman® Prefix Plus electronics in a cutaway, Grand Orchestra-style body. Guitarists can choose the LG6CEOVK with exotic ovangkol back and sides and a solid spruce top, or the mellower LG6CERW, with solid cedar top with rosewood back and sides.

The new Laguna LG4 series ($499.99 estimated street price) is a Grand Auditorium-style guitar with a choice of warm bubinga or the snappy brightness of quilted ash. These too feature Fishman preamps.

Finally, for players who like the big, fat sound of a traditional dreadnought body acoustic but find it too big to play comfortably, Laguna has responded with the LD2 Brat. It features classic dreadnought looks and sound, but in a 7/8 size. It offers a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides at an unbelievable $299.99 (estimated street price).

“We designed Laguna guitars with the wants and needs of players in mind” stated Michael Doyle, Vice President of Product Marketing. “We know that guitarists have come to seek out specific enhancements that bring their instruments up to a certain standard of playability, tonal and aesthetic quality – what other manufacturers usually consider to be ‘upgrades’. We strive to give all players these advantages from the start, in a variety of instrument styles and configurations, while providing a professional value that players can really enjoy. From our extensive research and design experience we know that better guitars equal better players, and that is where Laguna Guitars shine.”

The complete range of Laguna Acoustic and Electric Guitars is available immediately.
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