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Eventide Eclipse Delivers Diverse Range Of Tones And Ease-Of-Use To Simple Plan Guitarist Jeff Stinco [ 123rd AES Convention ]

United States
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, September 19, 2007 — Eventide’s powerful and versatile Eclipse™ processor is delivering the goods for Montreal-based Simple Plan guitarist, Jeff Stinco. Jeff is currently in the studio in Montreal completing the band’s third album and the Eclipse figures heavily in his guitar sounds.

“The sounds are really amazing,” said Stinco. “They are available right away, too, because it’s so easy to use. Just call up the presets and quickly tweak them to get what you want, it’s so easy. And the price is impressive too.”

Using mostly Les Paul guitars through a Mesa Boogie amp, Stinco achieved a heavy layered sound with the sonic palette of the Eclipse providing the perfect range of support. “I used it extensively for both clean and dirty sounds,” Stinco said, “to provide textures allowing me to twist the sound even to the point of sounding like keyboards on this record.”

The soon to be released third album from Simple Plan will be out in a few months following on double and triple platinum sales for the first two issues. The band has played with the likes of Rancid and Aerosmith, and headlined the Vans Warped Tour twice, and been nominated for four MTV Video Music Awards.

While using the Eclipse in the studio Stinco has been so impressed that he will definitely put it in his live rig when the band begins its world tour in October. The Eventide Eclipse features a full complement of Eventide’s signature pitch change, reverb and special effects presets with five times the processing power but at half the size of the H3000. It sports an easy to use interface that is simple to setup and was developed with the input of engineers and artists. Audio performance surpasses anything in its class with 24-bit digital conversion, 96kHz sampling, and a signal-to-noise better than 104 db.
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