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Two New Blues-Rock Guitar Video Courses From TrueFire

United States
Blues-Rock: Secret Sauce and Blues-Rock: Evolution focus on modern blues-rock guitar rhythms, soloing techniques and improvisation.

St Petersburg, FL, September 11, 2007 — TrueFire, the leading interactive video software publisher of educational content for musicians, released two new interactive video courses for intermediate and advanced level guitarists. Blues Rock: Secret Sauce and Blues Rock Evolution thoroughly examine contemporary rhythm patterns, soloing concepts and improvisation for modern blues-rock guitar. Both courses are available on video CD-ROM (Windows and Mac compatible) or as a streaming video course on TrueFire’s All Access TV.

Blues-Rock Secret Sauce demonstrates five effective formulas for spicing up blues-rock solos and busting out of the proverbial “pentatonic rut”. Players learn how to incorporate intervallic lines in their solos; slip “outside” to create tension; add texture to their lines with a selection of modes; and construct more sophisticated solos with dynamic phrasing and melodic patterns. Top studio, touring and recording artist, Jeff Scheetz also presents a variety of contemporary blues-rock rhythm guitar formulas, voicings, patterns and techniques. Students play their way through Blues-Rock Secret Sauce learning both rhythm and lead guitar parts for a variety of original instrumental arrangements.

Blues-Rock Evolution teaches guitar players how to expand their blues-rock vocabulary with a variety of contemporary guitar techniques and harmonic approaches. New York guitarist, producer and top educator Jeff McErlain demonstrates how to apply the Mixolydian and Dorian modes in a blues-rock context; how to incorporate double-stop and open position licks to texturize solos; how to use the vibrato bar for depth and emotion; and how to use hybrid grip picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and double-stop bends for more fluid and expressive soloing. Blues-Rock Evolution presents dozens of new blues-rock moves, modern rhythm patterns and updated techniques for achieving great tone.

Both courses are optimized for intermediate to advanced players, each featuring 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, practice rhythm tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so users can “see” and “hear” the tab and notation played out at any tempo. TrueFire’s interactive video software features zoom, frame advance, looping and other handy controls.
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