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Sabian’s New “Chopper” Effect Delivers White-Noise Sound

United States
New Effect Is Already the Choice of Mike Portnoy, Will Calhoun and Other Top Drummers

4 October 2007 — SABIAN has introduced the Chopper, an innovative multi-application percussion effect that delivers quick, tightly focused white noise accents and rhythms. Comprised of three bronze discs — two of which are cut into propeller-like shapes — riveted loosely together, the Chopper is a totally new playing experience for drummers and percussionist. When played, the three discs agitate each other and produce the uniquely raw sound that proved so popular on recent SABIAN Vault Tour dates, according to Wayne Blanchard, SABIAN’s senior marketing manager.

“The Chopper looks simple, but this is a very complex instrument designed to play accents and rhythms with equal effect,” continued Blanchard. “It does this through a combination of etched surfaces and a special die-cut design that lets the three discs vibrate and agitate together; creating the short burst of white noise that makes the Chopper so special.”

Already the choice of Mike Portnoy, Will Calhoun, and Rodney Howard, the Chopper fits comfortably on stands in any drum or percussion set-up. A Chopper can also add a distinctly different flavor when used in place of an X-hat, or laid on a snare drum to create a funky techno-type slap. The Chopper, available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes, is quality protected by the One-Year SABIAN Warranty.
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