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New Sabian ‘Alu Bells’ For Drummers And Percussionists

United States
Demand Drives Introduction of the New Aluminum Bells

4 October 2007 — Best known for its expertise in bronze cymbals and percussion pieces, SABIAN has turned to aluminum to craft its new ‘Alu Bell.’ Available in 7- and 9-inch sizes, the ‘Alu Bell’ features a dome shape and narrow striking edge. According to SABIAN cymbal specialist David Williams, not only does aluminum create a clear and musical bell-like response, it is very light in weight, which contributes to its ability to produce long, sustaining notes.

“‘Alu Bells’ were a consistent best seller on the SABIAN Vault Tours,” continued Williams. “When some of our major players heard them there was no stopping the concept. Everyone, whether playing latin, jazz, or hard rock, was quick to see the potential and the requests began to roll in. That demand prompted this introduction.”

Because every ‘Alu Bell’ is individually created using traditional sand casting methods, each piece has a rough surface. According to Williams, “Aluminum Bells are comparatively thick and have an unfinished look, but their tone is very sweet and musical, with great sustain.” They are also quality protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty.
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