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Sabian Introduces Bronze Triangles

United States
Cymbalmaker Uses Pure Cymbal Bronze

4 October 2007 — Award-winning cymbalmaker SABIAN has introduced a selection of high-quality triangles crafted from its pure uni-rolled bronze. The new triangles are already being played by leading percussionists around the world, according to Bruce Parry, SABIAN’s European band & orchestral specialist.

“Quality craftsmanship, bright sound, ease of control, plus competitive price points make SABIAN B8 bronze triangles perfect for all musical and educational settings,” said Parry. “B8 uni-rolled bronze is renowned for its bright, tonally focused sounds and that effectiveness is what makes these triangles so special.”

The two ranges, B8 and hand hammered B8, are crafted from pure B8 bronze and consist of four sizes; 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-inch. Non-hammered models have a pure, focused sound, while the hand hammered range produces musically complex overtones for a richer sound.

Commented Nicholas Ormrod, percussionist with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London: “I have played SABIAN triangles in our varied repertoire of ballet and opera, and my percussion colleagues have commented on their perfect combination of cutting power and musical tone. Even one of our cellists said, “That triangle is marvelous! The complexity of the sound means that it does not interfere with the sounds we are making’.”
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