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Minnetonka Audio Announces AudioTools™ AWE Client-Server [ 123rd AES Convention ]

United States
October 5, 2007 Minnetonka, MN — Minnetonka Audio Software’s AudioTools Audio Workflow Engine in Client-Server

AudioTools ™ AWE the automated audio workflow engine for editing, format conversion, encoding, plug-in processing and processing through external I/O devices, has the ability to process thousands of files in a single job. Processing chains can be auditioned and saved as templates. Advanced job management features include Watch Folders, a Job Queue that manages any number of sequential jobs, robust failure recovery, and job logs.

AudioTools AWE and AWE client-server takes advantage of the full promise of a networked multi-user audio processing environment, including shared access to plug-ins and other resources installed on the server.

Users specify input files, configure a chain of processors, set parameters for each processor and run the job. Watch folders monitor incoming files and automatically initiate processing of jobs as soon as the complete file groups are present. All files are processed and placed in the specified output location. AWE provides integrated access to vintage analog processors and external digital processors. The AWE VST host supports both stereo and surround plug-ins, including Minnetonka’s SurCode™ for Dolby® Pro Logic™ II VST plug-in. Minnetonka will offer a Dolby Digital plug-in later this year. Currently available on OS X through Certified Partners and resellers; an AudioTools AWE Windows version is planned.

“The AudioTools Workflow Engine, or AWE, was designed as the first step in a structured audio workflow in answer to our clients and colleagues who are frustrated with the cost in time, money and resources associated with traditional file-processing solutions” said Steve Clarke, Director of Marketing at Minnetonka Audio Software. “This will allow all users to perform these tasks in parallel and across office boundaries, freeing them up to continue being creative. We have given the client software the ability to run in a stand-alone mode and priced it so that it is easily accessible and affordable. The server is in beta and will be released shortly.

Managing content efficiently and effectively is essential in every media organization. Audio production departments manage large numbers of audio files, requiring different file formats, sample rates, compression formats, and processing requirements - often by hand with its attendant quality control issues. AudioTools AWE solves these problems perfectly allowing everyone to be able to work smarter without boundaries.”

Standalone Client $395, Server $2,495 (USD) retail.
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