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iZotope Expands OEM Algorithm Offerings [ 123rd AES Convention ]

United States
Now Driving Software, Hardware, And Embedded Audio Applications

AES – NYC Booth 466 (October 5, 2007) – iZotope, Inc., a leading innovator in audio signal processing technology, has expanded their extensive licensing program with more effects and embedded platform support, making their industry leading algorithms and effects available for integration into 3rd party software applications and hardware devices.

Born out of MIT research in audio signal processing, iZotope was founded in 2001 and has developed a wide collection of audio processing algorithms and tools. iZotope offers this technology to other companies through a licensing program, in combination with flexible consulting services to ensure a smooth integration with Windows and Mac applications or embedded Analog Devices, Freescale, or Texas Instruments DSP applications or devices. The iZotope R&D team is constantly researching novel approaches which are then productized with extensive industry and technical experience. iZotope works to bring cutting edge research to practical industry applications today. By licensing a single technology to many companies, the company is able to invest resources into the development that no single company would be willing to spend. As a result, iZotope technologies push the envelope of industry expectations and standards, benefiting clients, their customers, and the market.

iZotope has worked with companies in many industries including Music, Film, TV & Radio Broadcast, Corporate A/V, Consumer Electronics, Business Software Applications, and Telecommunications, from Fortune 500 companies to single person companies and musicians.

Algorithm Overview

Consumer Electronics

  • iZotope ANR™ Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • SonicFit™
  • VocalEnhance™
  • AudioEnhance™
  • Multi-microphone Beam Former
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • VocalRemover™

Mastering and Post-production

  • • iZotope 64-bit SRC™: precise sample rate conversion
  • • MBIT+™: wordlength reduction,
  • • psychoacoustic dither
  • Radius™: transparent time and pitch control
  • • AudioRestore™: noise reduction, de-clipping, and
  • • de-clicking
  • Simple Mastering: EQ, Reverb, Exciter, Widener, Loudness Maximizer
  • • IRC Mastering Limiter™
  • Multiband Compressor
  • Single Band Compressor
  • Single Band Dynamics: Gate, Expander, Compressor
  • Mastering Reverb

Music Production and Editing

  • • Analog Delay
  • Chorus/Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Single Band Compressor
  • Single Band Dynamics: Gate, Expander, Compressor
  • • Convolution Reverb
  • Wave Shaper Distortion
  • Analog Modeled EQ: Graphic, Parametric
  • • Guitar Suite: Modeled filters, distortions, and boxes/cabinets
  • • Multiband Compressor
  • Omega™: realtime time and pitch control
  • VocalRemover™
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