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Alfred And The National Guitar Workshop Introduce A New Guide To Zen Guitar Playing: The Book Of Six Strings

United States
LOS ANGELES, CA, September 4, 2007 — Alfred and the National Guitar Workshop are pleased to introduce the sequel to the hit book Zen Guitar. From acclaimed authors and the founder of the Zen Guitar movement, The Book of Six Strings brings the Zen philosophy once again to the hands of guitar players worldwide.

Philip Toshio Sudo, founder of the Zen Guitar movement, and guitarist and educator Tobias Hurwitz present this follow-up to the best-selling book Zen Guitar. Inside are musical examples that help bring the Zen philosophy to life on anyone’s guitar. Learning these ancient ideas can help guitarists become more “in the moment” in their musical approach.

The Book of Six Strings helps guitarists break out of a creative rut and take playing to the next level. This book’s centerpiece is “One Sound One Song,” composed by Philip Toshio Sudo as a musical launching pad for Zen Guitar exploration. Included are inspirational quotes, philosophical concepts and historical facts mixed in with the musical examples. Also included is a CD demonstrating all of the examples in the book. This book is the ideal choice for those looking to be inspired and to deepen their spirituality and musical understanding.

The Book of Six Strings is available for $19.95 as a book and CD set. Get your copy now at your local retail store, or log on to the Alfred website for a location nearest you.
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