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Moog Introduces Little Phatty Editor Librarian Software

United States
New program allows users to organize and create presets for easy access

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (July 18, 2007) — The introduction of the Moog Little Phatty synth in March 2006 marked a new era in Moog’s history, bringing the features and functionality of its high-end analog instruments to a broader audience. Today, Moog continues to push the electronic music world into another dimension with the introduction of the Little Phatty Editor Librarian. This computer software is compatible with the Little Phatty and allows users to control, organize and play their synth like never before.

The Little Phatty Editor Librarian is designed to be the ultimate tool for organizing and creating presets for both the Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions. Through a MIDI connection from the Little Phatty to a computer, this program can receive and replace single presets or an entire bank of presets. Once the presets are transmitted to the Little Phatty Editor Librarian, all preset parameters can be displayed in a graphical user interface, including edit functions like Pot Mapping and Filter Poles. The presets can easily be uploaded and downloaded between the synth and a computer, making for easy creation, organization, storage and implementation of the sounds you need.

The settings of the front panel controls can be displayed with several resolutions, including: 7-bit, 8-bit and high resolution (16-bit), to allow super-precise sound editing. The program can also be used to learn the inner details of the factory presets. Using the Little Phatty Editor Librarian, presets can be organized to create custom preset banks — a terrific feature for musicians preparing for their next gig. In addition, a preset genetics function is available to create new presets by morphing or mutating two presets together.

With the help of the Little Phatty Editor Librarian, users can also play the Little Phatty remotely from a computer keyboard. A Little Phatty operating system update function is incorporated as well, simplifying future Little Phatty OS updates.

Features of the Little Phatty Editor Librarian include:

  • Support for two sound banks of 100 presets (although libraries can hold unlimited numbers of presets)
  • Ability to edit all parameters from a single interface window
  • Panel change sensing
  • Random patch generation — morphing, mixing and mutating from one sound to another
  • Preset bank management and librarian functions
  • Variable editing resolution for super-precise editing
  • Ability to audition Little Phatty sounds remotely from a computer keyboard

The Little Phatty Editor Librarian also makes it easy to manage preset banks:

  • Load and save complete Little Phatty preset banks
  • Easily move presets between banks for quick organization
  • A new Single Parameter Adjustment feature permits adjustment of a single parameter for one, a group or across an entire bank of presets
  • Presets can be copied from the bank to any librarian category and vice-versa
  • Enhanced bank and library selection options allow presets to be easily moved and manipulated

The Little Phatty Editor Librarian costs $69 and is available only at www.moogmusic.com. No special software is required — the Little Phatty Editor Librarian is a stand-alone program designed to run on Macintosh and PC computers.

About Moog Music:

Moog Music and its customers carry on the legacy of Bob Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer. Moog designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments, including Little Phatty® synthesizers, Minimoog® Voyager®, Moogerfooger® effects modules and Etherwave® theremins. Founded by Bob Moog, Moog Music designs and manufactures its products in Asheville, NC.
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