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Making A Good Thing Better: Seymour Duncan Re-Launches seymourduncan.com

United States
Santa Barbara, California, Monday, August 31, 2007 — More than a decade after launching seymourduncan.com, Seymour Duncan, the Santa Barbara-based guitar pickup and stompbox giant, announces the re-launch of their highly successful website. While the new site retains much of the graphic look of the previous site, it contains new features that will make it easier to navigate and easier to convert prospects into sales.

“In the space of two seconds, we want our web page to tell our customers who we are, what we sell, and where to buy it,” says Evan Skopp, VP Marketing. “That’s why we added “Pickups and Stompboxes’ to our logo.” The new site has big, random-rotating images of products, and a slow-dissolve slide show of featured artists along with an audio player featuring the music of Seymour Duncan artists.

The re-vamped Product section features more images, beefed up descriptions, and a “Buy Now” button next to each product which takes the viewer to a dealer locator or to a listing of top online dealers or to a list of international distributors.

Long a popular feature of seymourduncan.com, the home page will continue to feature a weekly blog written by Kellie Stoelting, aka “Webmistress Kellie,” in which she writes about the goings-on of a major musical instruments company based on Southern California. “There’s always an artist walking through the building or Seymour playing guitar with someone or a new product to talk about,” says Stoelting.

According to the web ranking company Alexa, seymourduncan.com is the most trafficked website in the guitar accessories category. Even more extraordinary, Alexa ranks seymourduncan.com as a Top 10 guitar manufacturer site. “This is pretty amazing,” says Skopp. “First of all, we’re not a guitar manufacturer. Second, the other true guitar manufacturers in the Top 10 are companies like Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez and Peavey, which are many times larger than Seymour Duncan.”

Skopp credits much of the success of the site and its popularity to its highly engaged User Group Forum. “The forum started in 1996,” says Skopp. “That’s like a hundred human years ago. From the very beginning, we let users talk about our competition together with our pickups with little or no censorship. Especially back then, but even nowadays, that’s very unusual for a corporate-sponsored site. But because of that, we’ve become the de facto pickup forum on the Internet. If a consumer wants advice on how to wire up one of our competitor’s pickups, they come to seymourduncan.com where they know they’ll get an answer in real time. While they’re here, they’re exposed to numerous Seymour Duncan messages. The next time they need to buy a pickup, they’ll remember that we were the ones to help them. We’ve done a lot to engage the User Group members including special forum-only pickup offers, pre-release product announcements, and even User Group gatherings at the Seymour Duncan factory and around the world.”

In addition to seymourduncan.com, Seymour Duncan owns the domains basslines.com, benedettopickups.com and guitarpickups.com. Seymour Duncan is a privately held Santa Barbara, California-based company that makes and sells guitar pickups and stompboxes.
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