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Moog Music Releases Little Phatty Operating System Upgrade

United States
Version 1.03c adds host of innovative features

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Aug. 2, 2007) — As part of Moog Music’s philosophy of continual product support, today the leading synthesizer and keyboard maker announced the release of operating system version 1.03c for its Little Phatty Stage and Tribute edition synths. This new system introduces several new features which will enhance functionality and support the recently released Little Phatty Editor-Librarian software.

“Poly Mode” is an exciting new feature that is used to set up multiple Moog synths as a polyphonic stack. Each connected synth supplies a voice, and the new mode allows you to command up to 16 thick, rich, analog voices. Since MIDI control numbers are consistent between the Little Phatty and Voyager, any parameter changes affect all voices simultaneously. Poly mode works with the Little Phatty, Minimoog Voyager and Voyager Rack Mount Edition. Either a Minimoog Voyager or a Little Phatty can be used as the master keyboard.

The preset save routine has also been updated. Changes to the user interface allow users to see which preset currently occupies a memory location. No more overwriting your favorite presets by mistake. OS v1.03c also introduces a new keyboard priority setting, allowing users to choose to set a different keyboard priority, which is saved per patch.

In addition, the Modulation Wheel and Filter Cutoff parameters now send and receive high-resolution 14-bit MIDI CC messages. This allows for finer control and more smooth-sounding changes, whether you are using the Little Phatty as a MIDI controller or controlling the Little Phatty via MIDI from your sequencer.

In addition, MIDI functions have been consolidated to one menu, and some tasty new features have been added, including MIDI Merge. If MIDI Merge is on, the Little Phatty will echo all MIDI received at its MIDI IN port to the MIDI OUT port, merged with any MIDI data which is generated by the Little Phatty. This allows you to pass MIDI data through the Little Phatty, which was not formerly possible.

For more information and to download the new operating system for free, visit the Little Phatty Stage or Tribute software pages on the Moog Music website.
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