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Randall Amplifiers Announces General Availability Of MTS Series Modular Tube Guitar Preamp System

United States
House and Switch Between Up to Four Swappable Tube Preamps in a Single Amp

CHICAGO, Aug 7, 2007 — Randall Amplifiers, a division of US Music Corporation, announced today the general availability of its MTS Series modular guitar preamp system, which combines the tone of time-tested tube amplifiers with the convenience of flexible modular technology. Randall amplifiers are utilized by influential rockers such as Linkin Park, Anthrax, Mudvayne, Metallica, Def Leppard, Arch Enemy and Fear Factory to create the signature sound and tone they demand.

The MTS Series makes it quick and simple for musicians to alter their sound -- without buying a new amp -- by allowing them to easily pop in different MTS Series preamp modules into their amp. MTS modules are based on tone circuits from Fender®, Marshall®, Vox® and Randall amplifiers. Randall MTS Series amps can house up to four slot-loading MTS preamps allowing guitarists to easily create versatile and custom-built rigs for styles ranging from extreme metal to jazz.

The MTS Series makes it easy to achieve an almost endless combination of all-tube tones for guitarist of any music genre. Each MTS Series module utilizes similar panel layouts: gain, bass, mid, treble and master controls which further enhance the flexibility of each distinct tone while catering to the vastly differing needs of guitar players.

"The Randall MTS system allows guitar players to change their sound without having to purchase a completely new amp," said Doug Reynolds, Randall Division Manager. "Our MTS Series is the ultimate on-stage and studio all-tube recording tool that we feel will be an industry standard for years to come."

Randall’s award-winning music gear is endorsed by both professionals and amateur musicians alike who rely on the company’s commitment to high standards of design, raw power and ease of use to harness their musical creativity. The MTS Series builds upon this standard by allowing guitarists to load MTS Series Tube preamp modules in any combination, for an incredible breadth of tones.

MTS Series:

  • RM100M - 100 watt head
  • RM50 - 50 watt head
  • RM20 - 20 watt head

(All available in head or combo form)

MTS Series Preamps Include:

  • Ultra - Metal tone with extreme hi-gain, tight low end and liquid sustain
  • Treadplate - Nu-Metal tone with strong mid-range
  • UltraXL - Modern hi-gain with liquid gain, tight bottom end with cutting upper mid-range
  • JTM - Classic mid-gain tone with huge bottom end
  • SL+ - Gain and punch able to handle anything from Zakk Wylde to Led Zeppelin
  • Top Boost - Chimy hi-end ranging from classic Tom Petty to Lenny Kravitz
  • Tweed - Big bottom end with a biting gain circuit. Ideal for blues tones
  • Blackface - Legendary clean tone with cutting mid-range and sparking highs
  • DLX - Country lovers will enjoy the great mid-range and top end
  • Clean - Perfect clean tone for jazz and blues guitarist
  • XTC - Superior all-ground hi-gain module that covers any rock tone

Pricing and Availability

The MTS Series modules are available through Musician’s Friend, Music 123, Sam Ash and other major music retail outlets with suggested retail prices ranging from $249 to $349.
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