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TC Electronic G-Natural Effects System For Acoustic Guitar Now Shipping

United States
Risskov, Denmark, July 24th 2007 — TC Electronic announces that G-Natural, a breakthrough floor-based multi-effects processor for acoustic guitar, is now shipping. G-Natural is the most complete effects solution for the serious acoustic player. It gives the performer the control that only an electric guitar player has been able to attain until now, allowing for a unique, customized live sound. G-Natural retails at EUR 640 excl. VAT and at GBP 435 excl. VAT.

G-Natural houses a suite of high quality effects, fine-tuned for acoustic guitar. It features compression, 3-band parametric EQ, boost and modulation effects such as chorus, detune, thicken and panning. G-Natural also includes TC’s world-renown time-based effects such as reverb and delay.

With both a built-in mic preamp and standard instrument inputs, players can choose between a piezo or a pickup system or miking their guitar with a condenser mic. The Mix function on G-Natural enables players to go one step further, mixing both signals inside the unit to get the optimal representation of their guitar sound. G-Natural’s mic pre can also be used for vocal performance. Putting G-Natural in vocal mode automatically gives users a vocal strip EQ and compressor block.

G-Natural comes with 30 factory presets optimized for a wide variety of musical genres and playing styles. The 30 user-customizable settings allow instrumentalists to add a personal touch to the effects and thus create their own sounds.

The built-in tuner, digital I/O, expression pedal input and MIDI, make G-Natural a well-rounded package for the serious acoustic guitar player or singer/songwriter.
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