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Rob Papen’s Albino 3, Blue And Predator Now Available On Receptor

United States
26 July 2007 — Now that the Receptor V1.6 software is finally out of the womb, you’ll be pleased to know that we are hot on the trail of releasing a ton of new plug-ins on Receptor. First up we are delighted to announce that Rob Papen’s Albino 3, BLUE and Predator are all now available from Plugorama.

ALBINO 3 from LinPlug is an amazingly powerful synth with incredible sounding presets. This best-selling, award—winning, bargain-priced synth has a ton of features that let you explore your expressive side, or simply dial up one of the hundreds of presets created by master programmer Rob Papen and get ready to lay down some serious sounds.

Be sure to download Albino 3 from Plugorama and check it out since it has a 30-day free trial. Albino 2 users will be able to upgrade to Albino 3 for a small fee shortly. This synth is red hot, so don’t delay... check it out TODAY!

We are also very pleased to announce that Rob’s other creations, namely BLUE and PREDATOR, are also now ready for use on Receptor!

Those of you not familiar with BLUE will be impressed by the vast range of sounds available, and the astounding Predator synth will give your music an incredibly organic sound.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up picking up all three since they are all very complimentary to each other.

Download the demo versions from Plugorama today!
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