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Celemony Updates The Melodyne Product Family

United States
Celemony GmbH/ Munich, August 1st, 2007 — Celemony Software GmbH today announced that their audio editing applications are now shipping in new versions: the multi-track Melodyne cre8 and studio in Version 3.2 and the single-track Melodyne essential and uno in Version 1.8. The latest versions offer new playback algorithms, numerous improvements and bug fixes as well as a new way of activating the program that users will find far easier. The updates are free of charge and available for immediate download.

The expanded algorithm for polyphonic and rhythmic material in Melodyne studio 3.2 offers adjustable formant correction. This, on the one hand, makes it possible to perform extremely natural-sounding, sonically neutral, transpositions of multi-voice signals from sources such as a piano, guitar or choir, and, on the other, opens up interesting sound design possibilities — particularly when applied to drum loops and percussive material.

Melodyne cre8, uno and essential have been equipped with the new Percussive2 algorithm, which delivers far better-sounding results than its predecessor, Percussive, when working with drum loops, percussion tracks and percussive material of other kinds.

Among the other new features of Melodyne cre8/studio 3.2 and Melodyne essential/uno 1.8 are the combined scroll/zoom bars already offered by Melodyne plugin, a grey colour scheme for the user interface, and various improvements in the way percussive material is displayed and handled. As well as making the entire activation procedure far simpler for the user, the new system makes it possible to remove the activation from one computer and transfer it to another. Furthermore, the alternative option of employing an iLok dongle to unlock the application is now available free of charge to users of Melodyne uno, cre8 and studio.

About Melodyne

The audio software Melodyne was first presented at the NAMM show in January 2001 by the German firm Celemony Software GmbH and offers a completely original and far more creative form of access to audio data than that of conventional programs.

Melodyne analyses audio data and allows you to edit parameters like pitch, phrasing and timing independently of one another and with complete freedom, yielding results of unsurpassed quality. The software operates at all times in a highly musical way, preserving the original phrasing, for example, — including vibrato — when you correct the intonation. Melodyne helps fix timing and intonation problems and therefore makes music production more efficient. At the same time, however, the program offers undreamed-of possibilities for the creative interaction with audio.

Melodyne integrates elegantly into all music production environments through the VST, AudioUnit, RTAS and DirectX plug-in interfaces or via Rewire, Melodyne runs under Mac OS and Windows.
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